Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Argentinean UFO Activity Confirms Decimal Hypothesis?

Argentinean UFO researcher Luis Burgos - whose work has familiar to readers of Inexplicata for many years now - is currently pursuing confirmation for his "decimal hypothesis" of UFO flaps in Argentina and is being rewarded with a considerable number of sightings. He writes: "The UFO flap is ongoing. Ufologists, journalists and enthusiasts are reporting sightings both by night and day. We have tallied 26 events up to now. Report #24: A nocturnal anomaly over San Javier, Entre Rios Province, on Saturday Jan. 10; Report #25: A strange silver cylinder over Merlo, Buenos Aires, at 16:00 hours on Sunday; Report #26:Today, Monday the 12th at 00:50 hours, the transit of an object consisting of four linked shperes was seen over Monte Grande, Buenos Aires. We are continuing our reports and researching [the sightings]full tilt."