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Argentina: Astronomer Admits Merlo Object is "a UFO"

Source: and Planeta UFO
Date: 04.04.15

Argentina: Astronomer Admits Merlo Object is "a UFO"

What was seen in the skies over Merlo was a UFO

Last Wednesday afternoon (04.01.15) several local residents witnessed - and some managed to photograph - the sudden movement of a strange object in the sky. Members of the San Luis Planetarium opined on the incident.

Around 19:30 hours on Wednesday, April 1st, residents of the village of Merlo reported seeing the sudden yet highly visible displacement of what was described as a yellowish-white contrail of significant width, descending from the sky. This event, which remains unexplained, was also reported at the same time by inhabitants of the tourist village of Carlos Paz in the province of Cordoba.

The Informerlo digital newspaper consulted with Martín Fernández who works with the Administration of the San Luis Planetarium. He stated: "Literally, this event involves what it technically described as the flight of an unidentified flying object. While some tend to ascribe events of this sort to the presence of vehicles of extraterrestrial origin, the photographs appear to show the astronomical phenomenon known as a bolide, which is the entry of a meteorite into the atmosphere. The fact is that beyond any speculation, no one has hitherto been able to identify the object in question, and that places it in the UFO category."

Similar incidents occurred in the region previously:

The northeast of San Luis and the center-west of Cordoba Province have for many years been locales for similar sightings, to the extent that in April 2011, the planetarium sought to quantify these events through a survey of 500 residents of Merlo and Carpintería,. 37% of those surveyed claimed having seen a phenomenon of this type in the area where the Comechingones Mountains are located. Those who require further information can request it at:

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