Friday, April 10, 2015

Mexico: Airliner on Final Approach Reports UFO

Source: SIPSE
Date: 04.10.2015

Mexico: Airliner on Final Approach Reports UFO
By Jorge Moreno (SIPSE)

MERIDA, Yucatan - Cases involving people traveling in commercial airliners and seeing UFOs in flight are not few. In Yucatan there are at least three such reports: In one of these, a pilot was unable to publicly remark on the event due to his company's strictures, which forbid employees to discuss certain matters on account of privacy and confidentiality.

The pilot remarked that during a flight from Mexico City to Merida, he was about to land at the airport of the Yucatan's capital city when he suddenly saw an unidentified flying object that could not be seen by the control tower's radar. "I could see it physically beside the airplane, a sort of flying saucer, similar to the ones shown on videos or even television. I couldn't believe it, much less that the radar couldn't pick it up. I calculate that it was 300 meters distant, and judging by the size I could see, it had a radius of 10 meters at least," he explained.

He added: "I had already heard other reports from my fellow pilots on other flights, but like many, I wouldn't believe until I saw one. I had also heard cases in which passengers had reported them, but to tell you the truth, we didn't pay them much attention. I reject the likelihood that it could have been a bird or any other ordinary object. The technology they have must be impressive to have been so near me, yet undetectable by the airplane's radar or the control tower's radar. When it took off, it did so at lightspeed and upward. I was quite fortunate to see this. I was moved to tell many people who don't believe in the UFO phenomenon, but the company does not allow it. Several years have gone by and I don't work there anymore, so I can say it openly. Without question, there's another world watching us, as I believe Pedro Ferriz used to say, and we don't want to realize it," he concluded.

Airports and UFOs

Airports in Mexico City and all over the world are among the places where many UFO sightings have occurred. However, air traffic controllers, pilots and other personnel working in these facilities are under orders not to make it known to avoid causing panic among the population.

There are cases that have filtered through, or rather, cases in which civilian personnel have been witnesses. One of these cases occurred a little over a decade ago in the airport located at Kaua (Eastern Yucatan) where residents frequently report strange lights prowling these areas.

At first they thought the lights were part of airport operations, but soon realized this was not the case when they spoke with airport personnel, and upon discovering that these lights in the sky were coming closer and closer to the municipality and made no noise whatsoever despite flying at low altitude.

When witnesses are asked to provide descriptions, they point out that these were metallic objects measuring around two or three meters in circumference, making irregular movements, noiseless, and leaving the area vertically at high speed after circling the town. One eyewitness account that bolsters the residents of Kaua comes from retired pilot Martin Campos Faber, currently living in Cancun, and who notes that he had to make some private trips to Kaua a few years ago.

"Shortly before landing, I saw two strange vehicles, some UFOs, surrounding us. I won't deny that they caused me panic, as I thought the worse about having them so near me. But suddenly, they vanished into nothing. They took off at high speed, approached as if looking for something, or perhaps they made a mistake, and took off immediately. I can't find another explanation for it," he notes.

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]