Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mexico: Ana Luisa Cid and UFOs at Teotihuacán

Prof. Ana Luisa Cid shares a video with the readers of INEXPLICATA concerning the alleged UFO photographs taken at the world renowned Teotihuacán archaeological site, accompanied by an interview with two workers who claim having seen UFOs over the Pyramid of the Sun. Our readers will recall an article on the pioneering work of the late Pedro Ferriz Santacruz and Christian Siruget on the role played by the Mexican pyramids in the UFO phenomenon. (See “Pyramids and Ancient Astronauts” at

You can watch Prof. Cid’s video at

The following is a quick transcription of the replies to Prof. Cid's questions during the interview with the two archaeological site employees:

Alberto Galicia Hernandez. "In the distance what we've seen are black things around six, six fifteen, as the sun is going down and it gets cloudy, we managed to see an unidentified flying object moving, moving, and suddenly when I called my comrades to come have a look, it was gone. At night, during a late night patrol, I could see lights moving around on top of the pyramid, but these lights that appear to be spinning. These lights were yellow in color, but more like car headlights. Bright enough to hurt you. Well, allegedly strange things are seen here. The sighting of the lights lasted about three minutes, what we were able to see and witness. These things - in the blink of an eye or as soon as you turn around - either turned off or went away. The lights we saw had the shape of a triangle."

Andrés Alfaro Aguilar. "Well, in this area we've seen a tiny silver sphere around noon. It shines in the sun and goes from being static to vanishing very quickly toward the east or the opposite direction, but then it can't be seen. It's in the vicinity of the Pyramid of the Sun [explains the exact location of where the light is seen to land]. There is a place where the solar energy is concentrated. There is a little rod that concentrates all of the solar energy on March 21st for people to benefit from. That part over there was formerly covered in mica, but it was replaced by the little silver rod. The rod is a square located at the center of the pyramid and you have to place your finger on it, and when do so, you feel relaxed. You have to leave your finger on the rod five minutes or so. You can do this any day of the week."

[Transcription (c) 2015 S. Corrales]