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Argentina: Shadows and a Winged Man in Quilino

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DATE: 08.13.2015

Argentina: Strange Shadow Terrorizes Residents of Quilino

08.11.15 | 16:26 | Residents of this community in the province of Cordoba have been reporting manifestations of a shadowy human figure for the past 15 days. It was seen by volunteer firefighters last night in the downtown area.
Residents of the community of Quilino, in northeastern Cordoba province, are terrified by the strange manifestation of a shadow. There is even a call for evidence before the courts.

The Head of the IschilĂ­n Department, Chief Constable Jose Ceccarelli, told Cadena 3 that the first ones to report the situation were residents of Barrio Tigre, and that volunteer firefighters had become aware of a strange presence.

"It is publicly known that those claiming to have seen certain spots, shadows or human-like figures were never in close contact with such presence," Ceccarelli explained.

He further added that a call for evidence was opened as soon as the situation began, so that if a perd +son is eventually arrested, the prosecutor's notice may be alerted. "But no crime or violation [of the law] has been recorded as a result of this supposed presence," said the constable.

"According to them (the neighbors), shadows similar to those of a human being were reported, which then disappeared," he explained. Ceccarelli stated that complaints were received 15 days ago in the Tigre area, "where locals had phoned the police to say they had captured it, but upon the arrival of police personnel, it was nowhere to be found. Last night we had an alleged manifestation of these characteristics in the downtown area, near to the where the fire fighters are located," he stated.

"Winged Figure" Causes Commotion in Cordoba

According to local media, firefighters claim having seen a hunched figure descending from a tree across from their station. The stunned men followed it with their flashglights and the mysterious figure scurried to the location's back yard. The men reached the side in disbelief, and were soon startled by a new sight: when cornered, the human-like figure assumed a winged form and escaped.

This strange phenomenon has occurred repeatedly in the community of Quilino itself, and all agree that the figure resembles a "human form with wings."
The Quilino Police Department is also surprised by the rumor, which has spread panic throughout the community, and has been the source of many complaints.

The following is the transcript of the interview with Carlos Sanchez, one of the firefighters, as it appears on


-Carlos, you claim to have seen a winged man last night while you were on duty?
-Tell us what happened
-It was approximately 0:30 hours at night on Moreno Street, on the curb, which you can see if you pull back slightly. There was someone standing there, a person, who slowly headed for a house behind the fire station.
-Carlos, you were here, in this sector, when the entity appeared.
- Yes, it came from over there, it passed through here, and went to the back, following a little trail that can be seen over there, and went to the back. When the fellow told me...I don't think it's their kids, because everything's closed. So I pointed my flashlight back there, near the station, and there was something moving. So my companion said: "Carlitos, let's go. I think I saw something. When the fellow went this way, I went around the other way, around the other block. He lit something up, and...
- Fine, but it came up to here looking like a human being.
- It walked like a man.
- And then it transformed into...
- Then it was something else. The figure was no longer human.
- Thanks, Carlos

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