Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mexico: UFOs Return to the Popocatepetl Volcano

Source: El Grafico and Planeta UFO
Date: August 15, 2015

Mexico: UFOs Return to the Popocatepetl Volcano
By Yohanan Diaz Vargas

Popocatepetl is one of 14 active volcanos in our country, and it has once again become the site for startling UFO sightings in its vicinity.

One of these objects occurred as recently as August 5th at 06:00 hours, when a television station camera captured the moment at which a large, white anomalous flying object passed over "El Popo's" crater.

These objects face a hellish amount of heat. According to experts, the mean temperature of the volcano's crater is between 500 and 600 degrees Centigrade. This is enough to severely affect any soft surface, which is liable to melt. For this reason, one would suppose that the aircraft would plummet in a matter of minutes.

When activity is on the increase and fumaroles issue from the crater, federal flight restrictions jump from 30 to 35 kilometers around the giant mountain.

On July 31st, the La Rueda Cosmica research group, led by Jose Luis Rueda, managed to capture on video the presence of an unidentified flying object that appears to exit Popocatepetl's crater. This was an incredible event, as the white object shot skyward, opposite to the location of the Izrtaccihuatl Volcano. The image, taken from the vicinity of San Baltasar Atlimeyaya in the state of Puebla, shows the presence of strange vessels in the interior and surroundings of the volcano.

In the broadcasted recording, one can hear great enthusiasm on the part of the persons gathered at the site, who could not believe what they were seeing. They realized it when the strange object let off a bright flash, which was recorded on video.

An extraordinary phenomenon occurred on the evening of March 8, 2015 involving the presence of an unidentified flying object that gave off three bright flashes as it practically flew over Popocatepetl's crater, which was emitting large fumaroles at the time, as well as expelling incandescent material. At 21:00 hours that day, UFO hunter Marco Antonio Rodriguez of the "Abducción México" research group was able to record an impressive flying object from Paso de Cortés in the state of Mexico. The object practically flew over the crater and emitted a bright flash. It would emit three flashes in less than one minute before vanishing entirely from the scene.

On January 1, 2015, a spherical UFO was also seen. It was not readily visible, and could only see using night vision on specialized devices like the Yukon Ranger, which has acquired significant importance among UFO researchers. It is also used in hunting.

José Luis Rueda presented images of an object with considerable luminous intensity which can be made out using high-tech gear. Rueda noticed this UFO passed over the volcano's crater when there were no fumaroles. It was an anomalous object that flew at constant speed in a well-defined directing, displaying certain intelligence. A close-up shows that it has a powerful light at its core and was surrounded by a sort of enveloping halo.

This year, researchers and scholars have met in the vicinity of the volcano, whether from the states of Mexico, Morelos or Puebla, and have captured strange flying objects with their devices.

[Translation (c) 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Yohanan Diaz Vargas and Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]