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Twenty-First Anniversary of the Bariloche Case (July 31, 1995)

Source: PLANETA UFO and El Cordillerano (elcordillerano.com.ar)
Date: 08.09.2016

Twenty-First Anniversary of the Bariloche Case (July 31, 1995)

The sighting occurred in the vicinity of the local airport by the crews of two aircraft: one aboard an Aerolineas Argentinas 727 (Flight 674) and the other a Cheyenne belonging to the National Gendarmerie (GN705). The event took place on July 31, 1995 between 20:00 and 21:00 hours.

Jorge Polanco was at the rudder of the Aerolineas Argentinas airliner. He was the protagonist of one of the UFO cases that shook the nation: the Bariloche Case.

On the evening of 31 July 1995, Polanco was making his final approach to the local airport aboard the Boeing 7272 when "a light - at first dim, then intense and bright, got between the aircraft and the runway." The pilot immediately advised the control tower of the situation, but their reply was stunning: there was no unidentified traffic. The strange light accompanied the Boeing and its 100 passengers for seventeen minutes. An aircraft belonging to the National Gendarmerie also confirmed seeing the same object. The situation was made even more dire by another fact: there was a blackout at the airport.

Between 20:17 and 20:31 hours on that evening, a power outage had engulfed all of Bariloche in darkness, with the breakers of the substation conveying 132 KW of electricity from Alicurá to the city having been tripped. When the blackout occurred, Flight 674 and its 102 passengers and 3 crewmembers, was escorted by a UFO as it flew at an altitude of 3000 meters, initiating its final descent into Bariloche Airport. Captain Polanco said the following: "When we were 15 minutes out, 40 miles to be exact, the tower authorized us to initiate an instrument approach, causing us to descend from 12,000 to 3,000 meters. We were then advised that there had been a power outage in Bariloche, so we waited until descent was authorized. At the moment that the maneuver began, I noticed a white light heading toward us on a collision course at full speed. It stopped a hundred meters away. When we began our descent to the airport, the UFO made a very strange turn, accompanying our own turn, flying beside the plane some 100 meters away," explained the pilot.

The instruments on the Boeing 727 remained unchanged. The only modification was to the color of the UFO, which now displayed two lights at its ends and an orange one in its middle, flashing intermittently. The UFO was the size of a passenger plane.

"600 meters above us," continued Captain Polanco, "there was a Gendarmería airport whose pilot contacted us upon seeing the UFO. The UFO insisted on escorting our plane as it descended toward the runway. With the runway in sight, the airport's lights blinked out again, causing me to engage in an escape maneuver, climbing to 3000 meters. I contacted the tower once again from that altitude, and was told that all of their instruments had gone offline as we approached and before the outage. When I made the escape maneuver, the UFO rose at an incredible rate of speed and remained suspended at 3000 meters, waiting for us to achieve that altitude. It didn't move or travel according to known laws of physics. We remained in the area for a few minutes before receiving permission to land once more. Upon seeing us descend, the UFO took off at full speed, and according to the pilot of the Gendarmería aircraft, it vanished near Cerro Otto. As I walked toward the control tower, I was met by Air Force Major Jorge Luis Oviedo, who could not believe what he had witnessed from the tower."

The second airplane from the Gendarmería Nacional, the witness to the UFO's presence, carried pilot Rubén Cipazuk and Gendarmerie Commander Juan Domingo Gaitán, who said: "At 11,000 feet over Lake Nahuel Huapi we saw an amber-yellow light whose intensity increased and decreased as it flew toward the Cordillera a high speed." Cipazuk confirmed the UFOs location with Captain Polanco with the following words: "I'm seeing a light to your right and I don't know what it is, but it's following you."

"The case had considerable impact worldwide in the media. Even experts from NASA came to interview me. It was the most solid, real and spectacular case," stated Polanco.

[Translation (c) 2016 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]