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Unknown Biological Activity: Olavarría, Land of the Humanoids

Unknown Biological Activity: Olavarría - Land of the Humanoids
By Luis Burgos (FAO-ICOU) 20 July 2017
Translated by Scott Corrales, IHU


Olavarría is a prosperous cement producing town located in the central region of the Province of Buenos Aires, having a population of over 115,000. This community has been linked with UFOS since the brith of the phenomenon. It just so happened that only a few days after the first ever UFO sighting in Argentina - an event that took palce on 10 July 1947 in La Plata, there was already a new saucer report udnerway at Estación ROcha. Years later, in the midst of the 1954 flap, the fourth case involving a UFO landing occurred on its fields.

Setting aside the value judgements of what we may catalogue as a UFO in each case, whether the incidents are realiable, questionable or negative (in this case being mistaken perceptions, outright hoaxes or unconfirmed rumors, the true axis of the situation remains focused on that section of urban and rural areas in the Province of Buenos Aires that has reported incredible cases involving flying saucers and their occupants, namely:

24 July 1962 (Azul)

The first case involving humanoids in the region goes back half a century when local resident Ramón Farinelli witnesses the transit of a strange aerial device with two strange occupants inside it. The story became widely known through local radio broadcasts.

1963 (Pueblo Nuevo)

According to Local researcher Dante Rivera, two area residents saw a UFO at 0330 hours. They engaged in a sort of dialogue with two normal-looking entities manning the craft.

2 July 1968 (Sierra Chica)

Oscar H. Triart, 14 at the time, made contact with two characters who descended from a 'flying saucer' as he rode on horseback around 11:30 hours. According to Oscar, the strange individuals invited him to board the craft and left him a message written on paper. What was most striking about these visitors was that their legs were **transparent**. Three impressions were left on the ground where the object came to rest, forming a triangular shape. Lastly, at 23:15 hours, Sgt. Romero of the town's police station, and four others, witnessed the zig-zagging flight of a mysterious luminous object over the area where that morning's encounter had occurred.

11 July 1968 (Between the towns of Croatto and General Alvear)

At 0550, Agustín D'Onofrio, 68, and young Sixto Romero were traveling by car along Route 51 when two silver-clad entities paralyzed them with a beam of light at the same time the vehicle came to a halt and the car radio stopped working. According to the story provided by El Popular, a regional newspaper, the witnesses regained mobility once a flying luminous object sped away.

19 July 1968 (Arroyo Tapalque)

Only days after the previous events and within the framework of the unbeatable "1968 flap", a story circulated by El Popular caused a commotion in the media. At 0200 hours, three military men had opened fire on three tall humanoids in silvery outfits as they moved around a landed craft. According to what was reported, the intruders 'paralyzed' the soldiers with beams of light that issued from hand-held devices. Obviously, an 'official' denial did not take long to come about.

17 November 1969 (Croatto)

In the early hours of that morning, Aquilino Ramón Acosta, 44, in charge of the 'Mi Recuerdo' ranch, awoke abruptly when he became aware of strange movements on the property. What he saw was beyond his wildest imaginings: in the darkness he was able count the movement of **seventeen** outlines among the trees. These shapes lit up the property 'as if looking for something' with what appeared to be flashlights with luminous beams. But what struck the witness most were the intruders’ red-colored legs. They were transparent (a similarity with the Iriart Case) and they appeared to 'levitate' at times. Acosta was hospitalized and put under observation, subsequently suffering eye trouble.

14 May 1976 (Olavarría)

At 06:45, Nestor Urruti, 47, had an incredible experience involving his 1955 Mercedes Benz truck. When he reached the bridge on Route 226 and Av. Pringues, the streetlights went out, followed by those of his vehicle. According to Urruti, a sort of 'giant luminous oyster' abducted him as well as his truck. Forty-five minutes later, he 'appeared' at his place of employment, wobbling and blurting out a shocking story. While he did not see any occupants, he heard voices and messages transmitted telepathically within an unknown craft. The image of a sea horse was also present.

February 1985 (Azul)

A resident of Azul told the FAO about her friend's unusual experience. During daylight hours, right in the middle of the city's center, she saw two tiny people, normal looking, wearing clothing similar to that of the military, but whose height did not surpass 20 centimeters (7 inches). The two figures promptly went into a drain along the side of the street. When she told a local businessman about it, he told her that something similar had occurred before (?).

During the Eighties

Ms. Josefina L. told FAO about an unusual sighting along Route 51 around 0400 as her mother was taken in an ambulance from Bahia Blanca to La Plata. Unexpectedly, she and the driver saw a strange character, albeit normal looking and of average height, standing at the side of the road with his hands by his side. The figure glowed and projected considerable light. The ambulance driver did not stop to look.

29 April 1994 (Olavarría)

Mario Trevisán, 40, managed to record the passing of **twenty** silhouettes along a dirt road outside the city. The bodies, all having different shapes, were backlit by a neighboring house. They filed past at an astonishing speed that can only be seen in 'slow motion. Striking lights also form part of the video, which was edited down to twenty minutes by Trevisán, whose original recording is over two hours long. The incident became widely known after it was disseminated by FAO 15 years following the original events, when Mrs. Mabel, Trevisán's widow, provided the material to us.

13 August 1994 (Azul)

According to the story provided by a UFO study group in Buenos Aires, residents near Route 51 in the jurisdiction of Azul detected the presence of seven tall, mysterious beings prowling in the night.

21st Century Cases

Year 2000 (Olavarría)

In the aftermath of newspaper reports on "Humanoids in Olavarría" written in 2017, we have been contacted by many locals, thus allowing us to glean CE-3 reports from the past, such as a remarkable 'bedroom visitor' incident, the first known in the area, involving a mother and daughter whose identities are concealed to protect their privacy. These entities have apparently visited these witnesses for years, following a pattern of behavior that is identical to other events in Argentina and other countries around the world. Case under investigation.

December 2006 (Olavarría)

In a local farm, a woodsman woke up in the early hours of the morning for a drink of water and saw a light in the stables. Concerned, he reached for his shotgun and went to take a look. He saw two entities whose height did not exceed 1.50 meters (4'9"). Both were white-skinned and dressed exactly the same, in purplish metallic outfits. They suddenly 'vanished' in his presence.

January 2007 (Olavarría)

The caretakers of a recreational house witnessed the presence of mysterious black figures "running around the swimming pool at a remarkable speed". This was during summer nights and on more than one occasion.

Year 2012 (Between the towns of Las Flores and Azul)

Around 22:30 hours, Daniel and three friends drove from Las Flores to Azul in a Valiant III automobile along Route 51, which links both communities. When they passed a white truck on the opposite lane, they noticed to their astonishment that the vehicle was being chased by an entity that was 2.40 meters (7 feet) tall. It was human-looking, but also white and luminous.

Why Olavarría?

These then are all the records by space and time. It is very likely that other incidents transpired, but these have not yet become known. In fact, we have to close a case from 1955 in the area, which would have been the 'first in the series'. From now on it shall be necessary to wait for more cases from this enigmatic area. Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions. From the merely hypothetical perspective, is being located at the center of the [Province of Buenos Aires] a reason? Or should we look for matters pertaining to the intelligence governing the phenomenon? Are there indeed subterranean connections between the Sierras Bayas mountains and those of the Ventana range, or others that can provide the answer to this activity? This remains, in short, a true mystery to be solved. The most striking detail is that Olavarría has featured a higher number of entity cases that all of Uritorco, Victoria and Cachi, only to mention a few areas designated as 'active'. Perhaps the most similar case history would be that of La Pampa, but taking its geography as a whole, since this key province in the UFO phenomenon does not present any fixed location for bizarre entity sightings.

Comparative Ufology

Breaking down and comparing these Olavarrían cases with others of our exclusive databank, which contains 5500 Argentinean cases from 1947 to the present, is delightful. We can restate that every case has its corresponding background, and more so if these have taken place in the area under investigation.

Morphology. There is no common pattern to be found when going deeper into the creatures sighted, although there is a 'considerable strangeness' factor in that no cases involving Type 1 entities are on hand, that is to say, those involving tiny beings between 80 centimeters and one meter tall, with the exception of 1985's Azul case, in which witnesses described 'Lilliputian' entities that also form part of the phenomenon's humanoid case histories.

Transparent legs. Two cases involve entities with this morphological anomaly. 1968's Oscar Iriart case in Sierra Chica and the Aquilino Acosta sighting in Croatto, 1969. Events involving transparent limbs are very few on a global level.

Entity speed. This is not featured in Argentinean witness accounts, but it just so happens that out of the cases occurring in Olavarría, three of them involve "entities with unusual speed", such as the Mario Trevisán sighting (1994), the January 2007 event, and the sighting on Route 51 in 2012.

Sea horse. This striking sea creature seen by many witnesses in close encounters worldwide also reappears in the case of trucker Néstor Urruti in 1976, the only abduction episode in the region.

Beams of light. In the Croatto incident (1969), Aquilino saw the creatures "carrying something like flashlights in their hands" to scan the ground, and during the attack on the military detachment at Arroyo Tapalqué (1968), the Ufonauts also fired paralyzing beams at the soldiers. Identical beams are also fired at drivers traveling along Route 51 five days before the startling encounter with the military.

Unrelated entities on the road. The Hinojos case (1994) which occurred along Route 51 is identified with similar events that took place in other parts of our country, with the roads themselves bearing silent witness to the episodes.

Multiple landings
. Another interesting fact is the existence of three sightings with a fascinating number of entities, such as the seventeen figures described by Aquilino Acosta, the twenty-one silhouettes recorded by Mario Trevisán and the seven prowling around Azul in 1995. Argentina gives us remarkable accounts describing considerable numbers of UFO occupants on the ground - a fact to be kept in mind. Unknown biological activity remains afoot.


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