Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Argentina: Pilot Calls ET Existence into Question

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Prensa Austral (Argentina)
Date: 02.23.2018

Argentina: Pilot Calls ET Existence into Question

Rodrigo Bravo is an aviation platoon commander in the Chilean Army and has been researching UFO cases in his country since the year 200. Among the studies he has conducted include reports and audio on aircraft furnished to him by the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA), of which he is a collaborator. The self-educated writer crafted the first volume of the book titled “Los extraterrestres han muerto. El mito Ovni-ET, contactísmo y abducciones” (ETs are Dead - The ET-UFO Myth, Contactees and Abductions) which calls the existence of visitors from other planets into question.

This first volume will be presented at 19:00 hours at the Que Leo bookstore (located on Calle Errázuriz Nº932). Bravo seeks to delve into the origin and development of the ET myth following a timeline, marking the way various explanations have been developed regarding unidentified aerial phenomena. In this regard, the author states: "My point of view is rather skeptical. I am a critical thinker, that is to say, I'm sure that the incorrectly-termed UFOs or anomalous phenomena exist, and that it's likely that there is life in the universe in any of its manifestations. What we are dealing with here is the creation of an inseparable modern myth that links UFOs with the concept of extraterrestrials."

The author, moreover, stipulates that abductions, or people who claim having been contacted by aliens, belong to the realm of psycho social rather than physical phenomena. In this regard, Bravo noted: "We need to separate the modern myth with the actual phenomenology, and this book aims at this separation after five years of work."

Among the other subjects discussed Los Extraterrestres Han Muerto we find the influence of the United States in promoting the UFO myth, which has lessened the value explanations for abnormal phenomena seen in the skies. "In this book I explain in detail that the United States is a country that creates elements and items closely tied to its internal and external policies. In this regard, the '90s witnessed the boom of abductions, and if one studies U.S. history, the country has always needed some kind of external adversary or enemy due to national security concerns," according to the author, who was born in Santiago [de Chile] but has lived in Magallanes for many years.

Moreover, the army air force pilot also notes that the subject of UFOs has become a kind of new religion. In this regard, he suggests the myth has served to fill the need for a creative deity at a time when religions worldwide are being treated with skepticism. He states that it was a perfect fit, and this gives rise to the belief by so many that we were tampered with as a species, or that we come from extraterrestrials.

When the author was consulted about the UFO phenomena that occur frequently in the Magallanes are, Bravo said: "This shows that unidentified aerial phenomena do exist, but they are manifestations of something lacking a rational or scientific explanation that can justify them or aid in understanding them."

Beyond the questions and confrontations the author has faced in writing this book, he says that this publication seeks to disclose what he has managed to glean or uncover after several years of study and other readings. "This project has fifty-three references that were read to reach a more specific conclusion. My idea is to create a room for debate, since modern ufology is more based on belief than evidence," he concluded.

To obtain a copy of "Los Extraterrestres Han Muerto" and delve into Rodrigo Bravo's investigative work, you may attend the discussion group held by the author and customers at the Que Leo bookstore located on Errázuriz Nº932, as of seven o'clock in the evening.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and La Prensa Austral (Punta Arenas, Chile)]