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Mexico: Strange Beings in Analco (1973)

Mexico: Strange Beings in Analco (1973)
Article by Samuel Luna Aritama, Photos by Baltazar Torres(*)
LA PRENSA Newspaper

Two Little Men with "Straw-Like Fur" Reported

ANALCO - Puebla, September 23 1973 - Two strange beings whose bodies were coverd with fur "similar to straw" were seen by two shepyherds near a gorge located between the mountans at the foot of this community.

These living beings measured approximately fifteen centimeters.

The event occurred nearly two months after a flying object flew over this pcommunity on July 29 at six o'clock in the morning - an event witnessed by most of the town's inhabitants, who agree on the time of the manifestation and its characteristics.

The flying object issued two loud detonations as it crossed the sky, and was seen to vanish into a gorge, followed by a noise that made the earth shake. Local residents concur on this fact.

Alfonso Hernandez, a local peasant, told LA PRENSA that the two beings appeared when the shepherds were in the middle of the largest gorge in this region,

The peasant led us to the place where a rock wall broke away from a cliff, causing enormous boulders to roll to the depths, toppling trees as they went, on the same day that the object was reported.

The place is halfway in the middle of this canyon, and in order to reach the site, it is necessary to walk over three hours along a very narrow gap. The walls of the gorge are covered by vegetation on the one hand, and a chasm on the others.

There are strong momentary gusts of wind, and the silence is broken only by the whistling of the wind as it strikes some peaks, and birdsong. Eagles can be seen flying high above nearly all seasons of the year, preying on rabbits or other rodents found on the plateaus of these canyons.

At the very bottom of the canyon one can see a river bed - now dry - and some watering holes left behind in reservoirs created among the rocks.

After the walk, and where the sun was never concealed by any clouds, peasant Alfonso Hernandez led LA PRENSA some fifty meters from where the landslide took place.

"Look," he said. "This wasn't there on the day that thing fell from the sky, I heard rumbling and on the next day I came over here. That's when I saw that many boulders had been ripped out of place and the trees uprooted."

And in fact, scanning the area pointed out by the peasant reveals how some trees appeared to have been ripped out of the ground, some of them half buried. Some boulders even had their vegetation, as it something heavy had crashed against them.

(*) Photos not included in the news item provided.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, INEXPLICATA with thanks to Alfonso Salazar]