Thursday, October 04, 2018

Argentina: Anomalous Object over Buenos Aires

Source: Fundacion Argentina de OvnilogĂ­a
Date: 10.04.2018

Argentina: Anomalous Object over Buenos Aires

Luis Burgos shares with us a sequence of photographs taken by a Buenos Aires police officer on October 3, 2018. He has summarized the information provided by the law enforcement officer thus:

"Today, Wednesday, October 3, 2018, I was on duty on Calle 152 northeast and the corner of 15 and 16 in Berisso (Buenos Aires). While alone inside the cruiser, I looked skyward for a minute, straight ahead, and SOMETHING drew my attention. A dark object glided slowly from south to east at an elevation of 45 degrees. It was dawn and I saw something like a flying triangle changing shape like a teardrop, turning into a saucer as it moved away, speeding off toward the Rio de la Plata (River Plate). I heard no noise or anything strange. I could take some photos with my cellphone from within the vehicle before it vanished into the distance."

(Photo credit: Walter Romero).