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Argentina: Seven Saucers Visit Miramar (1975)

Seven Saucers Visit Miramar (1975)
From Lo Mejor de Cuarta Dimensión
Research conducted by: Fernando Teryda (ONIFE, Miramar)
Witnesses involved: Juan Andrés Gregorini, Susana Gregorini (spouse)
Rubén Cabrera (nephew) and Isabel Parodi.

Translation by Scott Corrales, IHU.

Main Witness Testimony

"The evening of 28 February 1975 was clear, with soft breeze and a full moon somewhat high on the horizon. At 21:15 that day, I left my house located some 200 meters distant from the Los Abuelos property to tend to my pigeons. It was then I noticed that the neighboring vegetation was fully illuminated. At first I thought it must be on account of some automobile's headlights, and then I saw an object that emitted a very powerful white light as it ascended, but not bright enough to be blinding.

"The object stopped at one point during its ascent, pausing before continuing its movement at lightning speed. It stopped again on its way to the coast and then returned to the place it had issued from, hiding behind the vegetation. It should be noted that my house faces a creek and he train tracks, in a small dip. It was for this reason that the vegetation was able to conceal the UFO. Immediately after the event, and given that it was still illuminated, I called my wife, relatives and neighbors, and together we went to the railroad track embankment, located some 100 meters from the house. A train signal can be found there, and from that area we were all able to behold a strange scene beyond the hill. In the field facing us and at low elevation, there were seven (7) oval-shaped UFOs engaging in different maneuvers. Two of them were larger than the rest and kept a certain distance away from the others. Their maneuvers caused them to sometimes pass over the train tracks and some high voltage lines. The smaller UFOs were sending luminous signals to the two larger ones, making them change color - from white to red, alternating. At times there was the impression that they vanished from sight. The distance separating them from us was hard to guess, but I estimated it at some 1500 meters. The Las Brusquitas ranch is quite close to the place where the UFOs were stationed.


The strangest thing about this case is not that the sighting of the 28th was unique, but rather, this UFO phenomenon was visible for several consecutive nights from that moment onward, being seen by a few people

Shortly after, on 9 April 1975, Mr. Daniel Cabrera and his younger brother headed toward the train tracks and walked to a patch of vegetation close to the Las Brusquitas ranch. At 19:20 hours, when it was almost nighttime, they saw a distant light approaching them. As it came closer, the light changed from white to red, descending close to their location. It then took off almost immediately toward Bristol Park, coming to a halt over that location. Subsequently, it descended, hiding behind a forested patch parallel to Avenida del Mar, where the golf driving range is located. A distance of approximately twelve blocks separated the brother's position from the park.

When the witnesses returned to their homes the time was 21:55 hours. Daniel Cabrera's wristwatch had stopped, showing 20:30 hours. While unusual, such events are by no means rare in UFO chronicles.

The following situation can be provided as an example.

On 20 July 1965, two men in Oslo, Norway, were chased by an object and pulled their car over to get a better view. During the incident, one of the witnesses’ timepieces had stopped working. The jeweler who examined it reported the item had been subjected to an intense magnetic field.


In analyzing the 28 February 1975 case, one could think that the witnesses mistook the phenomenon with the lights of a Fokker-28 jet airplane belonging to Aerolineas Argentinas, given the fact that regular service using this type of aircraft between Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata had commenced in January 1975. When the witnesses were questioned about this, they stated the objects were not airplanes, due to their movement, as these objects made abrupt changes in speed and color, hovering as a group for a long time. Moreover, and this is essential, the F-28 jets only operate in daylight hours.

Information gleaned from witnesses has enabled us to ascertain that the Las Brusquitas property, located at the site of the events, has silos which are always illuminated due to work reasons. This lighting is provided by six powerful mercury vapor lights and these, according to some, could have been mistaken for the light usually emitted by UFOs. However, this can be dismissed, because Mr. Gregorini and his companions saw moving lights that changed position and color, something that does not concur with the light emanating from the silos. Furthermore, the silos, as we could determine, are lit until 20:30 hours at most, while the objects seen by the witnesses were sighted at 21:15 hours.

Having discarded these possibilities during on-site research, no ground traces were found where the UFOs apparently landed, except for a 'fairy ring', which is a sign of UFO behavior.

We should clarify that the areas is broad and rather inaccessible, as it is surrounded by vegetation and brambles.