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Argentina: 10 Sightings of Alleged Alien Craft per Month

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Date: 05.04.2020

Argentina: 10 Sightings of Alleged Alien Craft per Month

The Aerospace Identification Center (CIAE) was created on 4 April 2019 to replace CEFAE, the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena, with the aim of "organizing, coordinating and executing the investigation and analysis of events, activities or elements present in the airspace or originating from it, identifying their characteristics and reporting conclusions to pertinent agencies that may require them.

Commodore Ruben Lianza is the analyst in charge of CIAE. His background includes being an Air Force pilot, being in charge of the Marambio Base, a fan of astronomy and a student of space apparitions for over 40 years.

"This year we have received 40 cases in barely 4 months, yielding an average of 10 per month. The increase in sightings is due to misidentifications of the recent Starlink launches, the Space X satellite arrays belonging to Elon Musk.

Similarly, CIAE's website receives consultations from private parties who have documented suspicious objects flying over the nation's airspace.

Photo taken in Jáchal (San Juan) in which the object went by so quickly that it resembled a "saucer". When applying an image analysis tool, the blurry object is seen to be a bird crossing the field of vision from right to left (CIAE)

"Due to quarantine restrictions necessitated by coronavirus, people are at home with more time to look to the heavens from their terraces or balconies. We have received at least 4 cases...two of them corresponding to the planet Venus and the remaining ones involving first-magnitude stars, like Sirius and Antares."

Far from bolstering paranormal sensationalism, CIAE's goal is to achieve neutrality. Rather than issuing opinions, the conclusions of these reports point strictly to where the evidence leads.

"CIAE's mission is to determine the provenance of all objects received. If we do not achieve this, until new evidence is obtained, they remain unidentified. This implies a clear factor of pride, because there are thousands of researchers around the world and any mystery that we cannot solve will surely be unraveled by another," Lianza says.

Ever since Lianza took control of CIAE, he availed himself of tools pertinent to aerospace, such as astronomical and satellite tracking programs to identify natural or technological causes. 99% of the photos have a rational explanation.

"When one speaks of UFOs, one means something that was 'not identified' by the witness, and investigation must find the cause that gave rise to it. If an expert believes that making the case unexplained makes it more 'interesting', he or she is committing a serious conceptual error," Lianza notes.

"Many saucer believers, rather than accepting the most basic realities, choose to believe in the strangest hypotheses. Following detailed scrutiny, it will turn out that apparently extraordinary objects will be far more ordinary."

Local ufologists also follow their own techniques and procedures. "Unlike CIAE, which analyzes photographs, we conduct field research. We interview witnesses to see what information they can contribute. If the information is worthless, we dismiss it. Furthermore, we check satellite programs to see if any anomaly was detected and we consult local flight radar systems," cautions Andrea Pérez Simondini, director of CEFORA (the Commission for UFO Study of the Argentinean Republic).

Given the lack of specific evidence, the UFO phenomenon gives rise to doubt and suspicion. However, over 22 countries have declassified their files basing themselves on the Public Information Access Law and have even formed official Air Force commissions to study them.

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[Translation (c) 2020 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]