Friday, September 11, 2020

Argentina: "La Llorona" Terrifies Police Officer.



Source: Ambito (Argentina) and Marisol Roldán (Spain)
Date: May 21, 2020

Argentina: "La Llorona" Terrifies Police Officer.

A picture taken in Salta went viral on WhatsApp. The ghostly figure of a woman dressed in white can be seen behind the policeman.

The photo was taken during a patrol along Salta Provincial Hwy 5.

A selfie taken by a Salta police officer went viral hours ago, showing the presence of a ghostly female figure that was recognized by many as "La Llorona". Accompanying the image, which was shared through WhatsApp, was a series of audios claiming the police officer was admitted to a clinic "foaming from the mouth" following the incident.

According to the message, the agent was engaged in a COVID-19 health and safety patrol along Provincial Route No.5 near the "Carboncito" wilderness when he decided to take a selfie.

Upon noticing that "La Llorona" was in the photo, the audio explains: "The man felt unconscious to the ground and foam at the mouth, while one of his companions prayed and a third one didn't know where to run as a result of the fear and despair of hearing the heart rending screams of the wandering spirit." It ends by saying that the young man was admitted. "He is now in the hospital...and seems insane."

"La Llorona" is a Latin American legend whose origins can be traced to Mexico. According to the story, it is ghost of a woman who was in love with a Spanish knight at the time.

The young woman had three children with the man, but after insisting that they formalize their relationship, she was deserted and left to her fate. This broke her heart, and in an act of madness she drowned the children and committed suicide.

Due to this, her soul became a wandering spirit, haunting cities, rivers and roads weeping disconsolately while she looks for her children, haunting those she comes across.

Despite the fact that the Salta police has issued no statements about the situation, several officers of the area where the events took place reported anonymously that the photo had been tampered with using an app, while the audios were fraudulent.

[Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marisol Roldán]