Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Argentina: UFO Photographed in Claromecó


Source: Diario (Argentina) and Planeta UFO
Date: 09.16.2020

Argentina: UFO Photographed in Claromecó

NECOCHEA - A young photographer from Tres Arroyos took this photo on Saturday from the sand dunes by the Claromecó Lighthouse, taking it to the communication media for dissemination.

The object photographed by Solano Alarcón using a Nikon Coolpix b700 camera shows a strange object that appears to be flying over the sea. The young man took a photo of the lighthouse and then became aware of the strange object's presence. It was then that he decided to circulate the image.

"I did not see a bird, or a drone, or anything at all. When I got home, I checked it and obviously had no idea what it was. I sent it to the person who is giving photography advice to see if it could be a digital error," said the young man to La Voz del Pueblo, Tres Arroyos's print media outlet.

The image was taken around 15:00 hours on Saturday. It was a clear day, and the beach was somewhat full. This was a source of doubt, as no one else reported the sighting.

In many instances, objects of this sort, appearing unexpectedly in some photos, can be insects or particles passing close to the lens at the moment the shutter is pressed. On other instances, no explanation can be found, and they are classified as unidentified flying objects. 

[Translation (c) 2020 Inexplicata with thanks to Guillermo Giménez]