Sunday, April 17, 2022

Venezuela: Suspiciously Well-Defined "Lenticular Cloud" in Valles del Tuy

Date: 04.16.2022

Venezuela: Suspiciously Well-Defined "Lenticular Cloud" in Valles del Tuy

Héctor Escalante writes: "This unusual photograph of a bizarre "cloud" - taken by chance on 12 August 2019 near the electric power plant in the area - has reached me from Valles del Tuy, State of Miranda.

"The photographer - who asked me to keep her identity confidential - told me that she'd taken several photos that day of the open sky to test the capabilities of a smartphone she'd recently purchased.

"However, upon reviewing the files stored in the device's memory, she found a strange formation that is "too perfect to be a cloud" among the files stored.

"But beyond the suggestive shape, what is strangest of all is that the remaining images - taken with only minutes of difference between them - no longer show the oval 'cloud', while the remaining clouds remained intact and in place.

"Another suggestive detail are the small dark spots beside the cloud, which do not appear to be bird or insects.

"I know that some will complain about the image's lack of clarity. I'm always asked why UFO photos are always blurry, but I tell you that the smartphone employed is of the highest quality, and the photographs are the highest resolution.

"Furthermore, the photographer was crafty and avoided moving to avoid distortions. So in this case, the quality of the photo goes beyond the technique and technology employed." 

[Translation (c) 2022 Scott Corrales, IHU with thanks to Héctor Escalante]