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Mexico: Lights Reported Over Tijuana and Mérida


Source: Factor Desconocido (S1,E4)

Date: 28 June 2022

Posted by Arturo León

 Mexico: Lights Reported Over Tijuana and Mérida

Jorge Luis Wong

 On the evening of June 27, hundreds of people reported seeing several strange lights in the Baja California region, Tijuana, Yucatán and also apparently in San Diego, California.

 Videos circulating in a number of social media sites show lights that do not correspond with any known aircraft or at least not with the behavior normally associated with these. Moreover, it has been said that these were flares, in the case involving the border region between Mexico and the U.S... However, the U.S. government has not issued any statement in this regard. 

What is striking is that the sightings took place more or less simultaneously. It is worth noting that in the Primo Tapia region, sightings of these lights had been reported in previous years. It should also be noted that more research is required in this regard, as this is a very recent event springing from a well-known pattern in the Baja California, suggesting that it may hold some kind of interest for these objects. We will continue reporting as more information is received.

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