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Argentina: Allegations of Demonic Possession in Villa Lanus

SOURCE: Planeta UFO and
DATE: January 12, 2006
Catholic Church is evaluating cases and an exorcist may become involved
Owner of statue of "Bleeding Virgin" and a young woman experience strange signs of aggression and violence
POSADAS - The time is noon at district A.3-2 of Villa Lanus and no one was sleeping the siesta or listening to dance music. All of the residents of city block #3 were focused and alarmed over what was taking place at House 22. In front of the house, a group of women sang and prayed the Our Father and the Rosary almost shouting. The young men who usually wonder what to do during their vacation time were reading the Bible. The womens' prayers ceased for a moment and their silence appeared to be a signal: almost at the same time, cries of pain and horror emerged from within House 22, almost beyond the limit of what a normal person could scream, given its intensity and duration.

The scene turned blood-curdling when the prayers and evocations of the women were added to the terrifying screams, pleading to God and Jesus to make evil depart from the body of La Polaca, a 15 year-old girl who has kept the entire neighborhood of relocated invidviduals on the edge since before Christmas.

Some 40 minutes earlier, Father Bronislaw Lagocki had entered the home to read prayers of deliverance from evil and, like everyone else in the neighborhood, was amazed. He hoped for a happy outcome.

"We are evaluating the case. It is likely that it involves what one would term possession, but all of this must be researched and weighed by the Bishop (Ruben Martinez) and he will be responsible for authorizing a priest or someone with special authority to carry out the exorcism," Father Lagocki told El Territorio, much as he had explained only minutes earlier to the girl's terrified parents. For the time being, she must remain within her home and wait for the arrival of the Catholic Church's representatives.

No one wants to say how or what triggered the mystery. All agree that two days before Christmas, La Polaca was at home and decisively stepped out to the street and headed strangely toward the house where one year ago, an image of the Virgin of Caacupa began bleeding from her eyes, a phenomenon that attracted people from all over the province and even granted the petitions requisted. A distance of 50 meters separates La Polaca's home from that of her neighbor: she arrived and confronted Rafael Mendez, the man whose daughter had given him the image of the Virgin, and in a heavy voice asked if he needed help.

"It wasn't her. It was the evil within her. She asked me several times if I wanted His help and I always said no," says Rafael, who still has the trances of another strange phenomenon that has ensared him.

According to the accounts given by his children and witnesses to the incredible event, Rafael, after refusing La Polaca's strange offer, fell to the floor and began experiencing convulsions. Without any logical explanation, his body began to experience wounds on the abdomen, arms and his right nipple. The marks appear to be bullwhip-marks or tremendous scratches.

"It was stronger than me. It got into my mind -- I recall nothing. All I know is what I've been told," said Rafael, who has suffered blackouts since that restless December aftertnoon. "Last night it came in again. It was inside my home and was so strong that it toppled me again and the marks burned me greatly."

Rafael went to Fatima yesterday morning to chase away "the evil spirits, who avenged themselves on me for refusing to submit to their will," he said while resting, or at least trying to. His home has once again become a place of pilgrimage for many people.

"It's astonishing. All of this is incredible. I think that the truth of the matter must be investigated. I have no idea how it all began, but they say that the kids were apparently trying to summon spirits -- something very Umbanda-like -- until the pact was made and Evil seized the girl," said district leader Cesar Melgarejo in an interview with El Territorio yesterday. "I was very frightened, because the man bled profusely and shook on the floor," he added with hesitation.

On January 28 last year, when the phenomenon of the Virgin of Caacupa gripped the home of the Mendez family, many neighbors told El Territorio that this was a bad omen and said that since the Virgin cannot speak, she weeps, and if she weeps blood, it is because she is greatly troubled. Basilia Silvero had said as much on an equally warm afternoon before breaking into tears. "In all my 64 years this is the first time I've ever seen this. It's very bad."

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(Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU). Special thanks to Christian Quintero)


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