Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spain: Giant UFO Caused Traffic Jam in 1968

Source: Periódico ABC
Date: 10.22.2014

Spain: Giant UFO Caused Traffic Jam in 1968

It was Thursday, September 5, 1968. Six o’clock in the afternoon. The sun was about dip behind Madrid’s horizon when an unidentified flying object rose in the sky. The strange object had a strange spherical shape and remained static and illuminated. As time went by, drivers and pedestrians in Madrid gathered to look at the object. No one knew what it could be. Night begins to fall, but averting one’s gaze from the sky seems to be impossible. The astonishment of the crowds wound up creating a colossal traffic jam on Gran Vía, one of the city’s major avenues.

“It’s a balloon.”
“No, it’s a satellite.”
“But it moves.”
“No, it’s still.”
“Don’t tell me you believe in flying saucers?”
“No. I only believe in what I can see.”

Such were the comments overheard in this paper’s newsroom. The object could also be seen from the windows of the old office facing Paseo de la Castellana. Minutes past eight o’clock in the evening – two hours after the initial sighting – the UFO vanished toward the direction of Casa de Campo.

The winds of the upper troposphere and the lower stratosphere blew from the east and southeast respectively, while the object appeared to move slowly toward the southeast. “This leads us to suppose that it moved on its own, moving against the prevailing wind or that its height was far higher,” explained ABC’s editor in his column.

“It is a UFO, without question,” stated the spokesman of the Weather Bureau. According to his testimony, it was neither a weather balloon nor any kind of tethered experimental balloon, as it had not been detected from Barajas Airport. It did not leave a visible trail for the instruments at the Torrejón de Ardoz air base. The object’s identity could not be ascertained from Robledo de Chavela [Madrid Deep Space Communication Complex] and strangest of all, not even the radar station at Paracuellos del Jarama had picked up the UFO’s signal.

[Translation © 2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Marta R. Domingo, ABC]

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spain: A Reservoir Attracted UFOs for Over Ten Years

Source: Periódico ABC (Spain)
Date: 04.26.2015

Spain: A Reservoir Attracted UFOs for Over Ten Years

The Sierra Norte location has been included in the Northern Area Extraterrestrial Route (Ruta Extraterrestre Area Norte), a circuit connecting the main UFO sighting locations in the Community of Madrid.

When Steven Spielberg conceived the plot of his 1970s movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977) he almost surely knew nothing about of this site in Madrid’s Sierra Norte, but it could have certainly served as the locale for his movie instead of Indiana. This three-dimensional space is none other than the El Atazar reservoir, considered the largest in the community and also one of the main UFO sighting locations in the region.

Its most intense area of activity, in this regard, dates back to the same decade as the one in which Spielberg’s opus was released and subsequent years, at least to the end of the 1980s. In this regard, there are dozens of eyewitness accounts that allege having seen a variety of flying objects in the area – elongated and luminous – with unusual speed and maneuverability that allowed them to dive into the reservoir over and over, emerging only to become lost in the sky. A group of young hikers testified to this, with the corresponding confirmation by other visitors, equally sure of having had a contact experience with extraterrestrial life.

In fact, the relationship between the El Atazar reservoir and the UFO phenomenon is based on such accounts, repeated in the same location to date, but also by the site’s inclusion in the so-called Northern Area Extraterrestrial Route. This is a circuit through the various sighting locations in the region, which include other municipalities such as Pedrezuela, El Berrueco, La Cabrera, La Pedriza or El Vellón, among others.

[Translation © 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Pedro P. Canto]

[Note: UFOs has shown a marked interest in reservoirs since the early days of the phenomenon. Reservoirs such as Wanaque in New Jersey, and Lake Carraizo in Puerto Rico have been magnets for such activity. In South America, the Ingeniero Roggero dam (Moreno, Argentina), the El Yeso reservoir (Chile) and the Jurumirim Reservoir in Brazil have become known for their unusual activity – SC]

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Chile: Controversy Over the Calbuco Volcano "UFO"

INEXPLICATA decided not to run this story earlier this week when an eruption of Chile's Calbuco Volcano not only created a spectacle seen around the world thanks to the Internet, but also featured a very strange light or set of lights. Chilean researcher Rodrigo Fuenzalida advised other researchers and media that the lights were, in fact, those of a military helicopter surveying the eruption. However, the fact that the light source remained static before suddenly vanishing has caused many to wonder if it could have in fact been an anomaly. The possibility of extraterrestrial or interdimensional visitation have been set forth, but only recently have "time travelers" been invoked as the source of the matter. The presence of strange lights has also been reported during eruptions of Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Argentina: Alleged UFO Videotaped Over Bahia Blanca

Luis Burgos of the Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO) announced on his Facebook page the recording of a "parallel formation" of alleged UFOs over Bahía Blanca, Argentina (a locale on the Argentinean coast that has become known as a UFO hotspot for many generations). The video was recorded on April 23, 2015 by Alejandro Suarez, who posted it to YouTube. It can be seen at https://youtu.be/dVUV-nFXUzo

Monday, April 20, 2015

Colombia: Photographer Captures Alleged UFO over Bogotá

Source: Planeta UFO and www.teletica.com
Date: April 20, 2015

Colombia: Photographer Captures Alleged UFO over Bogotá
By Luis Jimenez (lu.jimenez@teletica.com)

A photographer named Richard Emblin, who is also the editor of the only English-language newspaper (“The City Paper”) distributed in the Colombian capital city, Bogotá, managed to photograph a UFO in the city’s skies with a Nikon 300s.

According to Emblin in the Mirror (article by Laura Connor), the object is a somewhat blurry figure 8 that moved through the skies of the capital and which he could see from his place of residence.

“I did not hoax my photo. On Sunday, April 12, I went out to my balcony, which faces to the east. It was a grey Sunday morning. The streets were empty and washed by the slight drizzle that had fallen overnight. When I looked up, I saw an object rising vertically skyward, behind the crest of the Cerros Orientales,” he added.

Richard Emblin, who is also a journalist, has published his work in prestigious media such as TIME magazine and the New York Times, among others. He believes this could harm his reputation, but he says, however, that his sighting did not resemble an airplane in the least.
“It wasn’t a single object – it looked like two. I was able to see the object changed shape. It could rise and descend quickly and go from one end of the city to another in seconds. The black spot appeared to have rings. Then it tilted, moved sideways and disappeared,” he adds.

Emblin asks his readers to draw their own conclusions, as he does not endeavor to convince anyone. He simply witnessed something mysterious over the Colombian capital.

[Credit to http://www.teletica.com/Noticias/87968-Fotografo-capta-OVNI-sobrevolando-la-capital-colombiana.note.aspx and to http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/shape-changing-ufo-caught-camera-5511582]

[Translation © 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO, Luis Jimenez, Teletica, and Laura Connor, Mirror.com]

Peru: Alleged UFO Videotaped Over San Isidro, Lima

Source:www.connuestroperu.com and Planeta UFO
Date: 04.17.2014

Peru: Alleged UFO Videotaped Over San Isidro, Lima

An alleged unidentified flying object (UFO) was videotaped this Monday over San Isidro, a neighborhood in the city of Lima, as it flew over an area adjacent to the ocean.

The recording was obtained by Diego Bravo Trettenero, 26, a bank employee, who had left the gym around 21:30 hours on Monday, April 13. The gymnasium located in the vicinity of the San Isidro stadium, near the ocean.

Bravo told Con Nuestro Perú that there were some seven or eight people with him at the time that also saw the strange craft. Astonished, he took out his cellphone and managed to capture part of what he saw. These images were posted to YouTube.

He thought the object made no noise whatsoever and was visible for some two and a half minutes, making quick vertical and diagonal movements that are not executed by aircraft or drones. It is his belief that the object was some 20 meters long (65 feet).

When asked whether he believed in the existence of such phenomena beforehand, he replied that he was completely skeptical. He has given the matter second thought after recording this footage.

Con Nuestro Peru has noticed additional details that escaped Bravo. When the object moves in the air, there is a moment in which a loud and rather deep noise can be heard, and which does not seem to originate from a motor vehicle.

At the same time that the noise becomes noticeable, a light that appeared as dim lines becomes visible in the air over the object. "Startled as I was during the recording, I didn't notice the sound," says Bravo.

The video can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=p9Wzmco7Vu4

[Translation (c)2015 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery

Source: Ovnivenezuela (ovnivenezuelagrupo.blogspot.com)
Date: 15 April 2015

Venezuela: Luminous UFO Reported Over Cemetery
By Héctor Escalante

On March 12 2015, six people witnessed the transit of a large luminous object over the vicinity of Cementerio del Este, located in the municipality of El Hatillo in northeastern Miranda State, in the Venezuelan capital region.

"At around 10:00 p.m. we were chatting as a group on an apartment terrace when one person asked us in astonishment to look skyward, and we saw three lights forming a triangle," said Jacqueline López to journalist Héctor Escalante.

According to her account, the lights were red, white and green and blinked frequently. She said that after noticing the object - which remained static in the sky without making any kind of noise, they changed their topic of conversation to speculate on the artifact's possible origin.

"It made a sudden turn to the right, remained there for a while, and then repeated the same action in different directions," she added. The object then began descending slowly and in a straight line over a bright white light that shone from the ground, until it vanished from sight.

"The light was broad and arched, and its edges were clearly outlined. It looked like a stadium light. The impression it gave us was that it was something casting light upward from the ground," she added. The moment it lit up, she adds, "all of the dogs in the area began to bark."

It remained there for a good while, she describes, and "then it turned off" and nothing further was seen. The witness notes that no one took photos or videos because they were enthralled by the UFO and did not want it out of their sight. "We were on a terrace and our things were inside the house. I asked them to go find a cellphone and no one wanted to go, so as not to miss the spectacle."

[NOTE: The apparent attraction that consecrated ground holds for unidentified flying objects has always been of interest. For more on this subject, please visit http://inexplicata.blogspot.com/2012/06/touch-of-darkness-cemeteries-and-ufos.html]

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Héctior Escalante, Ovnivenezuela]

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bolivia: UFOs Over La Paz?

Source: La Voz (Bolivia), Realidad OVNI and Planeta UFO
Date: April 13, 2015

Bolivia: UFOs Over La Paz?

Residents of the city of La Paz were startled by the presence of some strange lights At 19:30 hours on Sunday (04.12.15). For over half an hour, thousands of residents looked skyward to see some strange lights (not those of an airplane) that captured the public's attention. These are unidentified flying objects.

The mystery and astonishment arose due to the fact that a first light appeared, lasted some five minutes, and then mysteriously vanished. It reappeared within a minutes, maintaining its intensity. Astonishment grew with the manifestation of two more lights that escorted the first.

Half an hour after bewildering the public, these lights vanished from the skies of La Paz.

"We were heading home when we noticed a strange light dominating the city's skies. At first it was only one, then it vanished, and it made us think of an airplane. But then it reappeared, and we found it strange because it stayed there for some 20 minutes and two more lights appeared after that," said citizens to the media.

Johana [no surname given] noted that these were UFOS because the movement in the skies was odd, not related to an airplane and much less an artificial source of light. "It appeared and disappeared. It's very odd. They were UFOs," she affirmed.

A family returning from a trip around 19:30 hours along the southern end of the city of La Paz witnessed a fixed light in the sky. They thought it was an airplane, but seeing that it was motionless, and would disappear and reappear, they took out the cameras to record the scene and found - to their amazement - that two more lights were moving around the first. They contacted the press to establish the existence of the events and also alerted some neighbors.

Website: lavoz.com.bo

[Translation (c) 2015, S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Julio González, Realidad OVNI - https://realidadovniargentina.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/ovnis-en-la-paz/]