Saturday, October 20, 2018

Argentina: Are We Alone? Alleged UFO Flying Amidst a Storm

Source: INFOPICO and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: October 20, 2018

Argentina: Are We Alone? Alleged UFO Flying Amidst a Storm

The alleged sighting took place in the locality of Quemú Quemú. Several phenomena of this sort have been reported in recent times.

A reader contacted and shared the photo taken recently over Quemú. While storm clouds gathered overhead, it is possible to make out a circular, dark object among the clouds. It did not resemble a conventional aircraft.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mexico: Alleged "UFO" Captured on Video Declared "Absolute Proof of ET Existence"

Source: PLANETA UFO and La
Date: 10.10.2018

Mexico: Alleged "UFO" Captured on Video Declared "Absolute Proof of ET Existence"

In recent years, hundreds of videos have circulated on sightings of strange objects and phenomena in the skies. These are immediately associated with UFOs and the presence of alien life forms. However, what would prove each of them has been easily dismissed by specialists and experts in ufology through the analysis of audiovisual materials.

In spite of the abundance of this material on-line, a recent recording disseminated on You Tube three days ago - also associated with UFOs and ETs - is causing wonder on the Internet, as it is touted at the "absolute" and "irrefutable" proof of alien life.

The video, with over 14,000 views on the web, shows a bright light moving from left to right before accelerating and vanishing in the clouds.

Nonetheless, when the author of this recording - taken in Mexico - increases and decreases speed to see it better, it affords a better view of the object which, according to cybernauts, resembles "a spaceship with a force field around it."

These images were taken from one of the cameras that broadcast live images of the city, but research and analysis of same was conducted by an expert in Australia.


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Monday, October 15, 2018

Argentina: Strange Ground Effects Caused by UFOs?

Source: and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 10.15.2018

Argentina: Strange Ground Effects Caused by UFOs?

On Saturday, a young man found two distinctive drawings in the snow, but found no human footprints.

At around 20:00 hours on Saturday, a youth from Moquehue (Neuquén) went out on his motorcycle to ride through a seldom-transited area along Route 117 and found strange drawings in the snow.

"Their size and perfection were striking," said Rodrigo in a conversation with LM Neuquén regarding the spots. "I'd never seen anything like them."

The young man said that after seeing the drawings, he alerted his family and they returned to the site to take photographs and inspect the designs. "I was surprised that there were no footprints nearby. This in an area that is rarely visited," he added.

The ground marks were found on Route 11 heading toward Norquinco in an area that remains closed in winter and only recently reopened in the spring. Patches of snow often remain and that is where the marks were seen.

Other local residents said that drawings similar in their size and perfection were found a kilometer distant from the site.

"I believe UFOs exist. Perhaps it was them," Rodrigo concluded.

Note: Luis Burgos from FAO has noticed a similarity between this phenomenon and drew comparisons with another classic case: "The famous and controversial Delphos Case in Kansas, USA, 1971. It snowed afterward and the UFO mark was highlighted."

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Chile: UFO Sighting Reported Simultaneously by Six Airliners

Source: PLANETA UFO and La Semana
Date: 10.11.2018

Chile: UFO Sighting Reported Simultaneously by Six Airliners

Six airliners in flight reported three objects whose movement suggests the possibility of their being unidentified flying objects. The mysterious event took place last May, but it was discussed again only a few months ago, as the conversations between the pilots aboard became known.

The airliners were on their scheduled runs with nothing to report until a LAN-Chile airliner reported the presence of some lights near a control point known as Livor.
Shortly after, a pilot for the COPA airline confirmed it with a photograph, capturing 3 shiny unknown objects. A total of five LAN-Chile flights and one COPA flight pointed out, almost simultaneously, the sighting of three unidentified objects seen by pilots and those at the control post located 380 kilometers east of Antofagasta.

CEIFAC - Center for Anomalous Phenomena Research of Chile - published a video with the aviators' recordings. Due to the objects' movements, one of the flights had to detour some 20 miles off its course to insure passenger safety.

The pilots' voices say it all.

COPA 174: We have lights on the left and one is fading away. Affirmative, it appears to be at our same altitude. It wasn't at Livor, because the lights are there. No traffic is reported and we don't know what it is. One light just disappeared, there's only one left.
LAN 639: Santiago, Lan Chile 639 ¿Could you indicate the identification of the traffic ahead of us?
ATC (Air Traffic Controller): The traffic ahead is Lan Per 2473
LAN 639: 2473...ehhh, look at it (...)
LAN 2473: 2473 is go.
LAN 639: Position downward. Apparently over the sea. Could you also identify another light?
LAN 2473: Look sharp. We have another light in view, approximately at our 4 o'clock. Where there were two [lights] there's now only one.
LAN 79: Affirmative. I can see it clearly, a little more to the south of (...) at sea level. A very small light, appearing and disappearing.
LAN 2473: Exactly.
COPA 174: Copa 174 to Livor, 340 and we now have 3 lights. We are to the right of Livor 340 and the lights are to our left, approximately at our 10 o'clock. Lights are moving and increasing and diminishing intensity. In fact, we're turning right as they appear to be approaching.

After these initial events, the control tower decided to contact the Oceanic Air Traffic Controller, in charge of ascertaining the traffic of craft flying over the sea, beyond the reach of ground based radar.

ATC: Good morning.
Oceanic ATC: Good morning.
ATC: You have a note there with UFOs in the Livor block.
Oceanic ATC: Yes, it's full of UFOs.
ATC: Seriously?
Oceanic ATC: Of course! That's why the Copa detoured so much. Lan 639 and 2473 also saw them.
ATC: Ha,ha! That's great!

Minutes later, other flights would witness the same three lights.

LAN 501: Santiago, Lan Chile 501, holding position at 08 11, flight level 370, estimating Livor at 08 32, Sulna next. We have that light at our 1 o'clock around the Livor block.
COPA 174: What an odd phenomenon. Now we have 3 lights shaped like a triangle.
LAN 577: Santiago Lan Chile 577, Livor position at 08 34. Sulna next at 08 12. Livor next at 08 34. We will advise Livor.
ATC: Lan Chile 646 Oceanic?
LAN 501: Lan Chile 501, and there it is, the third light appeared.
LAN 577: Yes, some 60 miles from Livor and we also confirm (...) yes, between 2 and 3. Could be some 2000 feet below at a distance of some 20 or 30 miles.
LAN 501: Affirmative, we have them now almost a 3 o'clock. One's brighter than the other, and they are two lights.

The control tower chose to advise another aeronautical authority of these events.

ATC: Good morning sir. This is the Oceanic Control Center in Santiago.
COA: Good morning.
ATC: Good morning, there's a rather strange situation in the Livor sector. There are some 5 or 6 aircraft in the Live for Lima 780 air corridor reporting a movement of lights. Two, four, up to four lights in that sector, to the east. To the west of the Livor sector, at their own level or lower. The situation is ongoing. Three aircraft have reported it. In fact, an aircraft detoured 20 miles to avoid them. Altitude is approximately thirty two thousand. Now there are two traffic coming along the same corridor from the United States and are flying over the sector. They also have them in sight at 2 or 3 o'clock, over the sea.
COA: In the Livor sector?
ATC: Of course, and there is no traffic. We have our own traffic controlled. But we cannot see the lights maneuvering there on radar.
The phenomenon continued for about half an hour. ATC made the decision to advise COA "to avoid any situations."
LAN CHILE 501: We have lights at our 4 o'clock at that position.

According to CEIFAC, one of the first hypotheses put forth for the event was that the lights belonged to seagoing vessels in the area "arising from changes in air density that created a light refraction, causing the optical illusion of being over the sea."

However, the organization dismissed this given that the lights, theoretically, appeared to move intelligently and form a triangle. Furthermore, had it been a consequence of light refraction, the reflection would have been still.


[Translation © 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez and La Semana]

Chile: An Alleged UFO Over Coquimbo

Source: PLANETA UFO and Los Andes
Date: 10.11.2018

Chile: An Alleged UFO Over Coquimbo

A resident of Chile's 4th Region shared a strange video showing a luminous object over the bay. What did ufologists say about it?

A resident of the region of Coquimbo, Chile shared an odd video showing a supposed UFO high over the bay near the "Cross of the Third Millennium". The viralization of the image prompted a debate about the recordings authenticity online.

The visitation of what the author refers to as a "foo fighter" (orbs with a metallic appearance or balls of light) even reached the morning shows on trans-Andean television, where experts in ufology debated the supposedly alien phenomenon.

Despite the fact that many believe in the image, many also claim it is a simple trick of light with a luminous artifact, closer to Earth than one might think.

"We cannot say that everything we see is a spacecraft or that it contains occupants. We see many strange things, but 99% have an explanation - a satellite, meteorological phenomena or human artifacts," said Marco Antonio Gómez, 58, of Marcc UFO.

The Chilean researcher told the press that one must remain calm when in the presence of an unidentified object and keep recording to the very end. "This is because [the Internet] is full of videos that cut halfway and in the end one does not know what happened - whether it turned off, lit up, exploded or went off to another universe."

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and the Los Andes newsroom]

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Argentina: A Phantom UFO?

Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 10.09.2018

Argentina: A Phantom UFO?

Luis Burgos writes: "An interesting photograph taken at random on Sunday, October 7, at the Gualeguay River (Entre Rios) by Laura Marcocich of the Villaguay Kayak Club. It is not included in the 2018 wave by virtue of being an artifact not visually detected. It even bears a certain similarity with the object photographed in Tucumán and published by Javier López Posse (GIOT) which we include here (courtesy of Yamil López Bantar)."

For more information on the Tucumán photos, our readers are invited to visit:
Gualeguay is a location that has been featured regularly in INEXPLICATA:

Our thanks as always to Mr. Burgos and Guillermo Giménez.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Argentina: Luminous Probe over Brandsden (Buenos Aires Province)

Source: Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 10.03.2018

Argentina: Luminous Probe over Brandsden (Buenos Aires Province)

Luis Burgos writes: "Our colleague Maxi Almada had a remarkable experience last night with a luminous probe as he left his country home in Brandsden (Buenos Aires Province at 21:20 hours. This is his story:

"Good evening, friends. I am uploading a draft report of the situation I experienced today around 21:20 hours. This took place in Coronel Brandsden, Province of Buenos Aires. I was on my way to work as an administrative guard from my father's property, who was about to open the cattle gate. We were chatting until we reached said location, about one hundred meters from the house. I waved at him, blew my horn from the car and headed toward downtown Brandsden along the unpaved rural Roade. Only a few meters after leaving the cattle gate - I estimate some 10 meters) I saw a very small light moving behind the car reflected in my windshield. I froze at the situation and hesitated, but I looked at my left rear view mirror only to see the small light pass right beside me before vanishing.

"Upon reaching the corner (questioning the situation and still petrified) I decided to phone my father, asking him in fear if there was a motorcycle coming in the distance or if he had shined a flashlight at me. He said that there was no one behind me and that he had no flashlight, noting that "the light had descended from the sky."

"He remarked that he was closing the cattle gate when he saw the light descend (a powerful light, in his opinion) and descend with landing or stopping. It followed the car, only to disappear.

"I got in touch with Luis Burgos immediately and alerted the FAO via Facebook and WhatsApp.

"I'm submitting a simple map of the event area."

(Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Luis Burgos and Maxi Almada)

Costa Rica: "We Have Seen Two Types of UFOs"

Date: 10.04.2018

Costa Rica: "We Have Seen Two Types of UFOs"

[An interview by Franklin Arroyo with ufologist Alejandro Sáenz]

Arroyo: Do you have any theories about why more UFOs are seen in September?

Sáenz: We once spoke to [Mexican ufologist] Daniel Muñoz and he told us that more UFOs would appear in photos and I think in part it's due to what he told us. We've always found photographing them easy, but now we do so more frequently.

Arroyo: What types of UFOs have you seen?

Sáenz: We have seen two types - luminous ones and disk-types.

Arroyo: Do you think there is a direct relationship between UFOs and volcanos?

Sáenz: Of course, when we see a UFO there's volcanic activity. When a volcano erupts, the objects fly past and can be seen among the ashes. There is a direct relationship between both.

[Translation (c) 2018 IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and - Photo credit: Alejandro Sáenz]

Argentina: Anomalous Object over Buenos Aires

Source: Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogía
Date: 10.04.2018

Argentina: Anomalous Object over Buenos Aires

Luis Burgos shares with us a sequence of photographs taken by a Buenos Aires police officer on October 3, 2018. He has summarized the information provided by the law enforcement officer thus:

"Today, Wednesday, October 3, 2018, I was on duty on Calle 152 northeast and the corner of 15 and 16 in Berisso (Buenos Aires). While alone inside the cruiser, I looked skyward for a minute, straight ahead, and SOMETHING drew my attention. A dark object glided slowly from south to east at an elevation of 45 degrees. It was dawn and I saw something like a flying triangle changing shape like a teardrop, turning into a saucer as it moved away, speeding off toward the Rio de la Plata (River Plate). I heard no noise or anything strange. I could take some photos with my cellphone from within the vehicle before it vanished into the distance."

(Photo credit: Walter Romero).

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Argentina: Couple Almost "Taken" By a Light in the Old Huergo Resort

Source: Último Momento Noticias (Argentina) and Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)
Date: 10.1.2018

Argentina: Couple Almost "Taken" By a Light in the Old Huergo Resort

**What Happened and What Activities Take Place at Night in that Area?**

HUERGO. Two friends lived through an odyssey at the so-called old resort in this locality. A man and a woman were listening to music inside a vehicle parked approximately 100 meters from the 'little beach' of the old resort. Both friends had visited the spot with the intention having a drink, enjoying the landscape and listening to music around 3:30 a.m... All was normal, except for the wind becoming stronger at that time. But something flooded the car in a powerful white light. Everything inside the car turned off, including both people's cellphones. The car began to shake and move.

"It was a moment I don't care to relive ever. The car was parked but running due to the need for heat; the stereo was on, when suddenly that white light appeared right over my car. Everything lost power, even the cellphones. The car began to shake and a whistling sound could be heard, but not from the wind, it was due to something else. I don't know, I can't explain it properly. My friend couldn't get out of the car due to her nervousness; I opened the door and began to get out, but I was unable to keep my balance and I had to hop, as did my friend. We ran toward the trees, and when we looked at the light it turned off. A loud whistling sound could be heard along with the noise made by the car, as though it [the light] was falling. But I couldn't make out any shapes. The light was very bright, LED-type and gave off warmth. We waited under the trees for some 20 minutes and went back to the car, but it was dead - no battery. It took us around an hour to get it started by pushing. The cellphones were also dead," added the man, who did not want to give his name or his friend's name due to security concerns.

"Imagine if I file a report or give you my information. The first thing people will say is that we were either drunk or drugged. What we saw and experienced was not a joke, and was not pleasant."

Ultimas Noticias visited the site described by the person by nothing unusual was detected aside from the vehicle's tire marks, and the tire they left behind to mark the scene of the event.

We asked people on the river if activity of this sort was frequent in the area and all remarked something similar.

"A few years ago I was fishing with some friends and we saw a light that came out from behind the boardwalk. It rose high in the air and then descended, hanging over the river for a few seconds before disappearing," explained a fisherman.

"Here you'll find many people who have seen the lights. Many talk about them and others keep their experiences to themselves, but it's true that strange things are seen in this area," stated a man who was fishing with his family.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Fundación Argentina de Ovnilogía (FAO)]