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Inexplicata - 3,000,000!

INEXPLICATA - Three Million Views

It's not a paid holiday or anything, but it's a red-letter day for those of us at the Institute of Hispanic Ufology.

Our efforts have earned us our three millionth visitor this month - a landmark we thought we'd never achieve, and a modest one at that, in a field where the average web page or blog receives that much traffic in a month. Our total score may be higher, taking into account that IHU came into existence in late 1998, when visits were tracked through web counters that weren't always accurate.

This 3M mark is more thanksgiving day of sorts, to those who were there then and are here now. First to our contributors - to Guillermo Giménez and Planeta UFO for funneling information on the latest cases in the Southern Cone to our attention, Luis Burgos of ICOU/FAO, Gustavo Fernández, Carlos Iurchuk, Marcelo Metayer, Jose Antonio Roldan, Rosa Santizo, Claudio Mora of La Esfera Azul, Antonio Salinas, José A. Martínez Echevarría, Ruben Sobrino, Quique Mario of CEUFO, Andrea and Silvia Pérez Simondini of Visión Ovni, Manuel Carballal, Leopoldo Zambrano, Marco Reynoso, Gloria Coluchi, Angel Carretero, Salvador Freixedo and Magdalena del Amo, Luis Emilio Annino, Raul Oscar Chaves, Patricia Hervias, Mercedes Casas, Lucy Guzmán, Luiseppi Quiñones, Rubén Morales, Carlos Rojas, Deborah Goldstern, Jose Manuel Garcia Bautista, José Pérez, Fabio Picasso, Liliana Núñez, Angel Briongos, Josep Guijarro, Bruno Cardeñosa, César Reyes de Roa and my heartfelt apologies to those who I have overlooked, and Dr. Rafael Lara Palmeros for the notion of creating a "virtual institute" back in 1998. Next, those who have been both kind and interested enough in circulating our information through their webs and newsgroups: Patrick Huyghe and his team at The Anomalist, whose support has been unwavering; Lon Strickler at Phantoms and Monsters, John Hayes at UFOINFO, Frank Warren at The UFO Chronicles, Robert Frola at The Ufologist magazine, Lex Lonehood at Coast to Coast, and other friends whom I will neglect to mention in haste, aware that sins of omission are the worst. Mea culpa and begging your indulgence.

So...where do we go from here? Three million views seemed unreachable in 2012, and four million (never mind five!) seem as unlikely as reaching Wolf 359 for a quick sojourn on planet UMMO. In any event, we shall endeavor to do our best to keep our readers apprised of the latest developments in the fields of UFO and the paranormal for the foreseeable future.

Thank you!

Scott Corrales, Editor
Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology
The Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)

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Mexico: UFOs Appearing on Google Maps Imagery

Source: PLANETA UFO and
Date: 02.15.18

Mexico: UFOs Appearing on Google Maps Imagery

This news item caused a shock among Google Maps users: Are UFOs flying over the beaches at Tulum?

Mexico's Caribbean beaches are among the most idyllic and spectacular in Latin America and the world at large. Tulum is specifically one of the destinations most favored by local and foreign tourists, located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, known for its well-preserved ruins and turquoise sea. However, this location was the topic of conversation in recent months due to images appearing on Google Maps that went viral on social media. For what reason? Keep reading.

Thanks to the Google Street View tool, which enables a variety of places and destinations worldwide to be located, Google Maps was able to pick up two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) flying over the Tulum Beaches. Is it real? The answer is yes. However, what the objects really are remains a mystery.

The imagery on Google Maps show a normal day on a Tulum beach in broad daylight. It will suffice to zoom in slightly to note the presence of two objects hovering - or flying - in the clear skies.

While distant from each other, both shapes are 'flying' relatively close to each other. Are they really UFOs? Are flying saucers visiting beachcombers on Tulum?

Google Maps users have posited a number of theories regarding what they have seen in the photos. Skeptics note that the spheres are drones or aircraft, but lovers of ufological mysteries reject this suggestion, arguing that the vehicles shown are not entirely round nor completely white. Furthermore, a drone would not look so large at a distance.

The Google Maps images went viral in various social networks and the debate event went beyond Mexico's borders, with the subject being discussed in neighboring countries. See the photos in our gallery and draw your own conclusions.


{Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Dominican Republic: UFO and Alien Experiences and Sightings

Source: Diario Libre (Dominican Republic)
Date: 29 August 2015

Dominican Republic: UFO and Alien Experiences and Sightings
By Bienvenido Pérez García

There can be no doubt that the imagination is a powerful creative engine and a recreator of powerful images and even sensory perceptions and illusions. The principle is well established by the behavioral sciences, declaring that "our minds tend to fill the voids when faced with what we cannot understand", and giving rise to countless stories of saucers, flying craft and encounters with alien beings which have been subsequently explained or dismissed with the knowledge offered by new technological applications.

The following experiences and sightings, however, hail from all parts of the world - recorded incidents and evidence that continue to defy expert analysis of films and testimony - including hypnotic regression and lie detector testing. While this does not ultimately lead us to accept the evidence and believe in its implications outright, it does cause us to reconsider this phenomenology.


The skies and territory of the Dominican Republic have been prolix in sightings and contact with vehicles and entities that definitely do not belong to this world, dimension or time. In the early 1970s, such phenomena multiplied overwhelmingly and have remained at more or less the same level of intensity.

Tony Raful, a scholar and author, had a shocking experience that dispelled his skepticism - if any - about the existence of aliens and their presence on Earth.

He was driving his Volkswagen along the one-time coastal highway between San Pedro de Macorís and Boca Chica in September 1972, accompanied by a friend and attorney Dr. José Florentino Sánchez, returning from La Romana, where they had visited a former classmate. About some fifteen kilometers before reaching the crossroads leading to the famous bathing resort, precisely where there used to be - or still is - a small inlet, the time being approximately 8:30 p.m., Raful and attorney Sánchez were chatting about the nature and effect of propaganda, particularly of the political kind, and how it distorts the mindset of societies. "You see that stuff about UFOs?" asked the attorney. "I'm certain its propaganda, particularly from the United States, used to distract the population from serious social problems."

Tony, who listened and answered in monosyllables, decided to answer the statement while not fully in agreement with it. "No, that's not how I see them, Florentino. There are signs that there's much more involved, things we don't understand yet and there are many accounts of phenomena lacking a sound explanation."

Sánchez then resorted to Carl Jung, arguing that it was a result of visions from the collective unconscious. At that precise moment, the Volkswagen developed a noise that its occupants interpreted as a flat tire. Tony pulled over in a straight segment of the narrow - and dangerous - two-way highway, stepping out to inspect the cause, marveling at the clear night lit by the full moon. He found that the car's tires were in good order and boarded the vehicle again. Only then, the engine wouldn't turn over.

"We'll have to push it," said Florentino. Upon getting out of the car, an oval shaped object appeared at some six or seven meters overhead, looking to all extents and purposes like a helicopter.

"Careful!" Tony shouted, "It’s a helicopter and it seems to be malfunctioning. It could head our way."

"But what are you saying, Tony? Can't you see it doesn't have any blades?"

The future award-winning author confirmed what his friend was saying, further noticing that the oblong artifact measured roughly some four meters long, was copper-colored and had narrow slits for windows, one beside the other and issuing light. The object was some ten meters distant, motionless by the palm trees. Small yellow lights, pulsating gently on the object's contour, were now visible on the strange and now frightening object. Tony and Florentino got in the car and tried starting it again, unsuccessfully. They rolled up the windows and locked both doors. The UFO remained in the air, motionless for over a minute, before heading off toward the sea. At a distance of 100 meters or more, over the sea, it hovered two meters above the surface for some six or seven seconds. Suddenly, it took off at a speed greater than a Formula One race car along the ocean's surface. The poet and intellectual believes it travelled at 600 kilometers an hour from zero, vanishing into the horizon.

They were still stunned when they heard the loud and sudden braking noise of a passenger bus right behind them. The vehicle disgorged its driver and passengers, anxiously asking what was it they had just seen speeding off to the sea, talking off "like the devil's slingshot" along the water's surface. The driver told Tony and his passengers that upon seeing the object from behind at some distance, the bus began to hesitate and could not move forward until the artifact moved toward the sea. Our friend Raful and his passengers could not - and still cannot - find an answer to what they saw. Some ten minutes later, having recovered from the experience, Tony managed to fire up the "bug" again, continuing their return journey to the capital without incident.

In August 1972, coinciding with storm warnings, our brother Marcos Rafael was driving along the beachfront heading home after noon. He stopped, along with other drivers and witnesses, who also got out of their cars - Don Pedro (Peter) Morales Troncoso among them - to look at something resembling a medium-sized metallic cube that seemed to be the tip or upper section of a larger submerged object, seemingly coming out of the mouth of the Ozama River, visible from the Monument to the Financial Independence of Santo Domingo, popularly known as "the female obelisk." It moved speedily along the water's surface and out to sea, causing very slight waves, although it was possible to see some thin streams - eight of them - surrounded by a steamy spray that went up into the air, projected at height of possibly a meter and a half. A submarine sighted within 20 meters of the shore? The object headed away and was visible for seven minutes before vanishing from sight. Don Peter Morales and my brother, when interviewed, still cannot define the nature of the strange object, but it was clearly "not a submarine like the ones we know."

Many Dominican hikers and mountaineers have reported nocturnal encounters with flying objects that do not compare with anything they've seen before. Some of them have flown over their heads at low altitude in the afternoon, as they reached their destination, or camping during the night. They had a variety of shapes and colors: saucers, luminous cigar-shaped craft, opaque and triangular vessels with lights along their edges...a lengthy menu of sightings. The mountains of the Cordillera Central in the heart of Cibao are the prime location for these phenomena.

José Leandro Ferrúa, the gifted architect, told me the spellbinding story of what happened to him and his wife Hilcia and some friends whom they were entertaining on the terrace of a second story residence in Santo Domingo's Av. Anacaona. From the corner of his eye, he was able to notice a flash. Looking toward Mirador del Sur park, located in front of the terrace on which they were seated, he exclaimed: "Look what's behind those trees!" pointing out the spot to all present. Some seventy meters away, they saw a spherical upper segment protruding from amid the dense tree boughs, nearly in front of their residence. It issued bright flashes of light that changed colors, nearly pulsing, from orange to red to white, to yellow and greenish blue.

The object, seemingly large, rose and became visible above and behind the trees with a brief and swift rise that made it visible halfway, prompting one of the guests to shout: "Careful, it's coming toward us!"

No sooner had he uttered this warning than the object descended again, as if hiding behind the trees, said José Leandro. Suddenly, as if gaining momentum, it lifted itself quickly into the sky, showing off its enormous size, the full radiance of its changing colors, and disappearing into the heights at an incredible speed.

Miguel A. Rivera, a broadcaster and art critic, refused to tell his story for many years, until finally agreeing to tell us about the uncanny experience he had as he returned from a social engagement in AcroArte sometime in mid-March 1988. As he returned home around 1:30 a.m. with his wife and sister, both he and his passengers were able see - as from the moment they crossed the Duarte Bridge - a well-defined, rather small object, no greater than the size of two basketballs in diameter - with changing colors, following them at a height of eighty meters, pulling ahead of them a short distance away and then falling back.

Rivera, of a rather calm disposition, felt more upset or uncomfortable than concerned about the thing following them. Increasing or lowering his vehicle's speed was fruitless, as the object was always near. Approaching the filling station located at the intersection of Av. España and Las Américas, he pulled up to the pump and stopped his Mazda station wagon in order to wait for the object to depart. The device stopped above the Av. España overpass with a curious up-and-down movement. After realizing that the object was not going, they decided to continue their journey. As they re-entered the expressway, the object switched to the right and toward the sea. It paralleled them for a while at a distance and disappeared.

The passengers continued their journey with more composure until the mysterious ball reappeared around Tres Ojos, flying back from the sea and hovering vertically some eighty meters ahead and at the height of a streetlamp. The three passengers were shocked, and the two women panicked. Rivera, now disturbed, engaged in calming conversation. He continued to drive. The object, matching his speed and ahead of him, led him until he entered his neighborhood, located in the Los Frailes sector, where he lived at the time. In a burst of courage, and ignoring his family's pleas, he stepped out of the car to challenge the object, which again remained static aside from its vertical sway. It was then that he boarded the vehicle hurriedly, speeding home to rid himself to the disconcerting, and now frightening, disturbance.

Finally reaching home amid great apprehension, they left the car outside and ran inside, locking themselves in. Once in his room, he opened a blind facing the back yard to make sure that his enigmatic pursuer had gone. He attested, to his shock and dismay, that the blazing object was a few meters above the dividing wall, apparently waiting.

There appears to be a relationship between the occurrence of natural phenomena and disasters and manifestations of strange flying objects. Before and after earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, UFOs have been seen around the event by many people, and have been captured on film. On September 3, 1930, as I wrote in the article "Memorias Maternas del San Zenón" (Mother's Memories of the San Zenón Hurricane), I mention the appearance, around six o'clock in the evening, of a large, spherical object whose flashes of light were distinguishable despite the heavy rains and severe winds at an estimated distance of some two kilometers from the shore, 100 meters above the water. It was seen by many residents of the capital city living near the sea, and it remained motionless for a long time, despite the fierce hurricane winds.

But if sightings of strange vehicles are surprising, physical contact with intelligent beings not belonging to the human race is even more intimidating. These are the so-called close encounters of the third kind.

Two employees of the Evaldra Discotheque in Costanza headed home at 2:30 a.m., at the end of their shift, one Saturday in September 1988. Along the road, in the shadow of an alleyway, they saw the silhouette of a rather small man, with a longish green jacket, similar to the kind worn by soldiers in cold weather. They stopped to see who it was, since everybody knew each other in Constanza back then. Noticing that the human figure was motionless and silent, its eyes covered by what looked like round dark spectacles, they asked if he needed anything. No sooner had they asked than the figure shook, extended its arms sideways, and emitted a vibrating, buzzing sound, like that of a mechanism. Its eyes or goggles turned red. Rafelito and his companion ran in such a way that their legs could've scraped their necks, engaging in that timeless human speed trial: running out of fear.

While an encounter with beings or craft from another world may seem exciting, revealing or romantic to those seeking a sighting or a close encounter, it is good to bear in mind that many people have suffered negative effects after being in the proximity of these phenomena. On a little farm in San Francisco de Macorís, here in the Dominican Republic, a couple who refuse to disclose their names was awakened and illuminated by a hot, blue-green light at 3:30 in the morning amid a piercing buzzing sound. When the husband went outside to see what was going on, he found that a flying disk was changing colors at a distance of 25 to 30 meters. Frightened, he re-entered his home and the heat and light intensified. After it was over, the couple was left with irritated eyes and throat trouble for nearly a week. Burns, headaches and very serious damage to witness health have been reported elsewhere.

Eyewitness accounts to Dominican UFO phenomena are vast and abundant, as well as the sightings of strange intelligent beings in our beloved Dominican soil, too many to include in a single article. There yet remain eerie and stunning experiences involving vessels, beings and strange areas of the country which give even skeptics pause. We will provide a second part, for which we have kept the best of our harvest, if this prestigious publication should agree to make them known.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU, with thanks to Bienvenido Pérez García and Diario Libre]

Argentina: New UFO Sighting in Pocito

Source: Diario La Provincia (San Juan, Argentina)
Date: 02.13.2018

Argentina: New UFO Sighting in Pocito

"Guardianes del cielo cuyano" (Guardians of the skies over Cuyo) claim having seen a new UFO in Pocito. The UFO watchers allegeldy saw an unidentified flying object in the sky and recorded it on a camera.

"Guardianes del cielo cuyano" had a new sigthing this past January. The UFO hunters claim having seen an unidentified flying object which they recorded on a camera, subsequently uploading the footage to social media.

"Please excuse our absence. A lot of work and little time. Much new material to be shared. We will catch up little by little. In this instance, we present an interesting video that tracks a rather suspicious object, leading us to the discovery of a seemingly stationary anomaly in deep space. As always, we leave the matter to your own judgement. We await your comments and conclusions, which are important to the sky guardian community," wrote the youngsters in their Facebook page beside the video.

Video at:

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Chile: Satellite Records 400 Kilometer Wide UFO (1999)

Chile: Satellite Records 400 Kilometer Wide UFO
By and

On Tuesday, January 26, 1999, television audiences in Chile were startled when a Santiago station broadcast satellite images showing a disk-shaped UFO measuring hundreds of kilometers in diameter.

The video images were broadcast on television from the Universidad Catolica (UC-TV) on Channel 13. It was recorded by the GOES-8 environmental satellite on two separate occasions a few years ago.

Chilean Ufologist Luis Sanchez Perry stated that the program "showed an infrared image taken by GOES-8 on July 17, 1992, clearly displaying a disk-shaped object in outer space over the Pacific Ocean to the west of Chile."

According to Mario Vilches, the gigantic saucer measured 400 kilometers (240 miles) in diameter.

The July 1992 image was taken by Servicio Aereo Fotometrico Ltda, an aerial photography company located in Santiago de Chile, the nation's capital.

"The lines visible in front of the UFO correspond to electromagnetic interference emanating from the UFO itself," Sanchez explained.

At the moment the image was recorded, GOES-8 was in a 21,600 mil geostationary orbit above the Earth. The enormous disk appeared to be moving at the same orbital speed as the satellite - approximately 6,696 miles per hour.

"Three images were taken in 10 minute intervals and the UFO was clearly visible," Sanchez added.

The second GOES-8 video was recorded on 7 April 1996. Although the image vanished quickly from the GOES-8 website, it was downloaded by the Centro Meteorológico Regional de Antofagasta (Chile). The image shows "the UFO over the Atlantic to the east of the Brazilian coastline."

The GOES-8 imagery was debated by two ufologists during the broadcast: Dr. Mario Dussuel of the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anomalos (CEFAA) and Rodrigo Cuadra of the Equipo Superior de Investigación Ovnilógica (ESIO). CEFAA is Chile's national official study group, composed by government agencies and the Chilean Air Force.

# # # #

Note: A video on YouTube posted by Solaris Misterios on December 12, 2016 contains a fascinating interview with an Ecuadoran pilot, which we transcribe below:

Testimony of Ecuadoran Flight Engineer Ing. Carlos Naranjo Burbano

"We had an experience when we were on our way back from Santiago de Chile on a routine flight, Santiago de Chile to Guayaquil, with general Duran, and at the time the pilot was Captain Fosso. For more or less 15 minutes we were accompanied by an object we were unable to identify as to whether or not it was extraterrestrial. At a distance of 150 kilometers from land, as we were flying over the sea, we could see below us what looked like a city. A satellite city, if you will. A section where everything was normal, but this was under the sea. We were traveling at an altitude of some 33,000 feet, and it was clearly visible, a city, right there. We were able to see buildings in the dark, in the early hours of the morning. Yes, we saw lights, under the sea, bright lights indicating the presence of a city down there. It was definitely under the sea, since we were 150 miles offshore."

[Translation and transcription (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU]

Chile: A UFO Over Temuco - First One This Year (2018)

Source: (Chile)
Date: 01.10.2018

Chile: A UFO Over Temuco - First One This Year

The year has only just started and the first reports of unidentified flying objects are surfacing, this time in a region of Chile.

The video was uploaded by user Agustín Lepe and shows some strange lights that appear and disappear in the night sky.

Witnesses to the event repeatedly state that it could be some kind of drone, although they are quite excited at what they are seeing.

The YouTube user remarked that the witness's name is Matías Hernández, who managed to capture this stunning UFO visual during the early hours of January 1, 2018 in Temuco, Chile.

[Partial transcription of voices on video]

Man 1: Come over, come over, come over! Look daddy, look!
Man 2: Look, look at this, Ricardo
Woman 1:
Man 3: Ah, that's a drone
Man 4: Yeah, that's a drone
Man 1: No, no, it has two lights - look, see how it moves
Man 3: Are you recording this? At that altitude..
Man 2: See how it grows's so bright, it can't be a drone
Man 3: In any event, it can't be a ...
Man 1: Look! See how it's changing, daddy...
Man 3: That's really strange, Ricardo.

Video At:

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Mexico: The 1973 UFO Wave

Mexico: The 1973 UFO Wave
By Alfonso Salazar (Aviation Technician)
Reporte OVNI No. 58, Year 3, October 1995

The year 1973 was a generous one when it came to major cases and UFO landings in different parts of the world, but Mexico in particular, where even the city’s airport managed to pick up these unidentified flying objects.

One of the first sightings of this year became known in the El Siglo de Torreón newspaper, which reported the following in its 25 March 1973 edition:

“Strange Object Seen Over San Pedro – A countless number of people contacted this newsroom to confirm that at 9 o’clock at night, a luminous object crossed the heavens in an east to west direction at an extraordinary rate of speed, leading to the belief that it was a UFO.”

What is interesting about this is that regular commercial airline flights did not fly over this community. As regards the “extraordinary speed of the UFO”, to which the news item makes reference, the fastest airplane in the world at the time was the Concorde, which obviously did not fly over Mexican territory. In turn, the people who reported the event were largely engaged in farming activities, gaining nothing at all from making up stories about strange objects in the sky.

The following UFO sighting was made known by the El Mexicano newspaper concerning a possible close encounter of the third kind (CE3K) as classified by Dr. J. Allen Hynek. It took place in El Parral, Chihuahua.

According to the story, on the night of 14 March 1973, two brothers – Juan and Rubén Hernández – were working at a mine known as “La Prieta”, located in Parral, Chihuahua. Suddenly, the saw a round thing in the sky, looking like a fireball or a reddish light that appeared to be observing them.

“The light approached us to the extent that we were frightened, and alerted all the staff, even the secretary on duty…”

One of the miners who witnessed the UFO subsequently reported that the object was hanging there for a few moments, motionless, as though spying on them, watching the goings-on in the mine. It subsequently gained speed – which they considered to be incalculable – until it vanished from sight.

In response to questions posed by reporters from the aforesaid newspaper, miner Rubén Hernández stated that “the thing” had flown away swiftly toward the Zone of Silence, and that some of his co-workers had managed to see strange lights that descended or vanished in the air on several occasions.

The story about the sighting in the skies over Chihuahua was still hot in the press when another event became known – one that had occurred a few months earlier in the state of Michoacán.

On the Road from Uruapan to Paracho

The exact date of this occurrence was set in the month of February 1973, according to the newspaper that made the information known. It took place on the road leading from Uruapan to Paracho in the state of Michoacán.

Sales agent Alfonso Pulido claimed having been overtaken by a “ball of light” after leaving Uruapan.

According to Pulido, he was at the wheel of a Datsun automobile and accompanied by Leonardo Valdéz, who in turn corroborated the information provided.

“It was at a considerable distance. It looked like one of those stars that appear to move every so often. Suddenly, the ball of light became larger as it approached us, eventually hovering over the Datsun. It subsequently projected a bluish beam that lit up the road. It then began to cause interference – the car radio, for instance, could not be heard clearly, only as a buzzing sound. The object escorted us for some 5 minutes before flying off to the north. Thank God nothing bad happened.”

A Truck With Asbestos Sheeting Bursts Into Flame

Several different cases were reported during the month of May throughout the Mexican Republic, among them the case involving a truck that burned while transporting asbestos sheeting and bags of cement (widely discussed in issue 31 of REPORTE OVNI magazine).

On May 9, a Sinaloa newspaper reported the following: “They claim that a flying saucer followed them. What were they smoking? (News writers often took a skeptical slant, providing such headlines to UFO related information).

“Los Mochis, Sinaloa, May 9, 1973. Manuel Ruelas de Palomares and Martín Antonio Luque, peasant farmers of the locality of “El Aguajito”, township of Heraldo de Zaragoza, had the fright of their lives this morning when they were pursued by a flying saucer, or so they say, at a place known as El Vallado.

“Still in shock, the two peasant farmers appeared before the police authorities of Higuera de Zaragoza to retell the incredible event, stating that it was entirely true.

“According to their story, they said that on that day (9 May 1973), the time being three o’clock in the morning, approximately, they were coming from the fishing grounds in a mule-drawn cart. At a place known by all as “El Vallado”, they saw that a large flying object was heading toward them, giving off a bright yellow light covering over two meters. The peasant farmers stated that the ‘flying saucer’ approached them until they were bathed in its light, taking off at a dizzying rate of speed only to fly back toward them. Unable to endure this, they broke into a run, deserting their cart and plunging into the dense vegetation. Vidal Costa Valdéz, who held the role of trustee of Higuera de Zaragoza, reported to the area to confirm the story. Cota found the men’s footprints as they headed into the wilderness. He also found some of the fish that had fallen off the cart during what appeared to have been a desperate escape.

The information, along with some cases researched in-depth by the authorities, was made known to Santiago García, a 70s-era UFO researcher.

[Translation © 2018, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology]

Mexico: Hundreds Witness UFO Sighting in Tlalpan (2017)

Source: Chilango Times (
Date: 12.16.17

Mexico: Hundreds Witness UFO Sighting in Tlalpan

Dozens of people claimed having seen several unidentified flying objects on Friday afternoon from the borough of Tlalpan, in the vicinity of Mexico City's Portales Metro Station.

According to a report in the El Gráfico newspaper, a significant number of people stood outside the Metro station looking at the sky, where five silver spheres could be seen gliding among the clouds. Many of those who witnessed the phenomenon recorded it on their cellphones.

It is hard to see the flying objects in the video, cautions a reporter from that news outlet. However, he himself was able to see them.

"They were white spheres. Five of them, and they're still there. It looks odd. It's too high up for them to hid behind the clouds. All you can see is two little silver balls," said one of the citizen witnesses to the alleged UFO.

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Chilango Times]

Spain: The Puente San Miguel Humanoid (1978)

Source: I.P.U Santander and Mundo Desconocido
Date: Mundo Desconocido Issue 19 (January 1978)

Spain: The Puente San Miguel Humanoid

An extraterrestrial wandered through a Santander town at night.

Several local residents witnessed the strange visit by a humanoid to the town of Puente San Miguel in Santander, not long ago the locale for repeated UFO sightings. Upon learning of this, our colleagues German Gonzalez and Jose Ignacio Amurrio headed immediately to this community for an exhaustive investigation that we summarize as follows.

On Thursday, December 1, at 5:40 a.m., Mr. Emilio Ruiz Orive, 28, single, a miner by trade, was asleep at his home at 123 in the town of Puente San Miguel. He awoke due to the insistent barking of the two dogs in his household. he was lying face down, facing the door, and he ordered the dog to hush. At that moment, he saw a face similar or equivalent to that of a human being looking through a window with two panes of glass measuring 20 x 30 cm. He wondered for an instant who would be so bold as to peek into a private bedroom. He immediately realized that the face through the window was dark, nearly black, with light colored mustache and hair (white), much brighter than the light to be found outdoors could provide. The witness describes the outside light as fluorescent, in other words, very white. He says the shock was considerable, and acknowledges that fear gripped him in increasing measure as the sighting went on.

Seconds after his sighting began, the face - which seemed human to him throughout - pulled away from the window slowly. He was startled by the fact that the face did not dim as it receded. From the perspective he now had, he could tell that the upper body of his strange visitor was covered in a military style tunic (khaki colored, by his own description). He couldn't say if it had buttons or pockets, but did see something surrounding the neckline, with a white strip attached to it, comparable to the plastic collar found on some soldier's uniforms.

At a given moment, he saw that the observer looked right and then left, slowly. Now it was only possible to see the area where the alleged humanoid's chest would have been.

The witness was unable to recall anything else after that. He doesn't recall when he stopped seeing the entity, if it went off in one direction or another, up or down, or simply faded away. Fear caused him to cover himself with blankets. He only remembers that the light vanished, unable to ascertain whether it was extinguished at that very same moment or shortly after.

During the course of the observation, which lasted between two to three minutes, Emilio recalls that the window-gazer appeared to increase its size, or else must have been gigantic, estimating its height at between five and six meters (6 to 19 feet), insisting that its shape seemed to be humanoid, while unable to see whether it had any arms. The width was normal (in proportion) with the estimated height.

Another sibling, Cristobal, who lives in the same location, was awakened by the barking dogs and decided to get up. He headed for the door to see if there was indeed something outside that could stir up the dogs. He didn't open the door, choosing to open the shutters instead. Through the window, he was able to see that the street was illuminated by a powerful glow coming from the right. He was unable to say if it was near the house or far away, as he couldn't see its source.

When Cristobal opened the shutters and saw the glow, he was paralyzed and overcome with fear. He returned to his room without making a single remark after the glow died down.

Approximately at the same time, the odd brightness was seen by Mrs. Balbina Noriega as she headed for the restroom. She lives on the floor above the pharmacy visible in the illustration. Mrs. Balbina agrees that she heard the dogs barking furiously, although didn't pay the light much attention, since she thought it was a sign of daybreak. She was startled to see the time when she returned to her room.

Another local resident, Mrs. Julia Gutierrez, was awakened by the barking of the dog in her own home. Through the window she could see the bright light, which dimmed after a few seconds, vanishing altogether. This made her think it was a bold of lightning, while no thunderclap was heard, which also surprised here. Her son in law Manuel Fernandez was also awakened by the barking.

Also notable are the sightings made by Felipe Méndez de la Torre, director of the famous caves of Altamira. At 20:30 hours in April 1976, De la Torre and his secretary witnessed an object resembling a flattened moon that gave off light throughout, suspended in the sky with a slight balancing movement, and which vanished several minutes later, speeding toward the northeast. This sighting was substantiated by a youth from Suancos, a community located a few kilometers distant from the scene of the previous sighting. Another sighting worth noting occurred in July 1976 in Escalante, some 40 km distant from Santander, an incident during which the dog was a source of fear and confusion, even when it did not see the source of light.

Earlier Cases

There are a series ofe vents in this region that cannot be overlooked due to their significance. A little over two months ago, Mr. Joaquin Cosío, witnessed something he described like the moon, only larger, as he woke up in the early hours of the morning. The object had a whitish-orange hue and gave off enough light to illuminate the surroundings. The balancing motion was highlighted, and it remained in view for five minutes before speeding off to the north. Mr. Cosío's home is a hundred meters distant from the pharmacy, and he calculates the distance to the object observed at approximately one kilometer.

Note: The Nueva Dimensión podcast hosted by Juan Gómez ( revisited the case in September 2016, interviewing Emilio Ruiz Orive with a view toward clarifying errors and omissions in the case. Ruiz Orive still shudders at the memory of that fateful night. The face, he says, was not black as described in journalistic sources, but rather white and with a long beard and average length grey hair, "more or less like my own," adds the witness. It wasn't looking directly into the room, but rather taking in the surroundings. The incident also had the unfortunate outcome that Ruiz Orive - a miner used to working in the dark - was now unable to face the darkness of his work environment, terrified of it. It took years to overcome this aversion.

Mexico: UFOs Over León (1987)

Source: Noticias Vespertinas (Mexico)
Date: 03.13. 2017

Mexico: UFOs Over León

The city of León, aside from being considered the capital city of the footwear industry, has also distinguished itself for multiple UFO sightings. The date of 10 April 1987, however, is engraved into the minds of the people of León, when hundreds or thousands were witnesses to strange lights and shapes the combed the sky before stopping their meanderings at Mesa de Ibarrilla.

This was a far-reaching phenomenon that summoned researchers from all parts of the country and even from abroad, who sought answers to the presence of what they termed "flying saucers".

According to stories told by residents of Mesa de Ibarrilla, the large number of UFO sightings is attributable to the presence of uranium in nearby hills. "Spaceships go there to stock up on power before continuing their journeys."

Mesa de Ibarrilla

Antonio Fonseca, 74, remembers the sightings of large triangular lights over his property in Mesa de Ibarrilla nearly 30 years ago. He was never afraid. On the contrary, he wanted to know what was going on and wanting more people with him as witnesses.

It wasn't until 1992 when seven people went down to the Potrero, a location in Ibarrilla, where seven small figures with antennae were seen. So intense was the fright that one of the female researchers clutched her stomach in order to be able to run, but no disappearances were ever reported in the area.

Maria Socorro Ochoa recalls that one evening, when gathering the clothing she'd hung out to dry, she saw a powerful beam of light illuminating her house and the surroundings. She said: "I saw something that looked like a large hat, in the air." Upon growing closer, she could see three antennae in different hues, and it vanished into nothingness. "We went up the hill but there was nothing to be seen."

On another instance, around 8 o'clock at night, she said, we saw two shapes like two suns, which approached us. They were visible for a long time, but vanished after they were covered by a passing cloud. "They aren't coming to do us any harm, since they would have hurt us already," she adds.

On 9 January 1999, around 9 o'clock at night, a bright ice-cream cone shaped light was seen in the mountains near Ibarrilla, giving off white, yellow and blue flashes. "We ran to get closer and find out what was going on. Suddenly everyone took off running and shouting. I said, what's a matter with you, you look like sheep. My neighbors replied: 'there are little grey figures with very large lights'."

On another occasion we accompanied searchers when we saw an immense orb that was visible through photographic equipment. It split in two - one flew to the left and the other to the right, one grew larger and the other smaller and vice versa. One light appeared to drop something into the stream on the lower side, but it didn't appear in photos, since the lens cap wasn't removed from the camera.

Flying Saucers at the Palote Dam

It was in 2005 that I witnessed the shining lights over the damn, moving from one side to another. Later I could see it was a triangular shape that disappeared in an instant. This was witnessed by several of my companions, who were even able to take photos.

It is said that during the drought years, a spaceship and small creatures were seen walking inside the Palote Dam.

Another group of people remarked that it is normal to see shining lights in the heavens over the columns of smoke produced by the brick-making chimneys in the Presitas area. They prowl the sky, move from one place to another, or remain still for seconds before mysteriously disappearing. Local residents no longer pay them any mind, as this is a very common occurrence.

This city has become famous for its numerous sightings, witnessed by hundreds of citizens, who recount their experiences as they best know how. Everything points to the likelihood that extraterrestrial visitations will continue.

Note: Mesa de Ibarrilla was the subject of intense research by the now-defunct Fundación Cosmos A.C. an organization, spearheaded by our friend and colleague Ing. Marco Reynoso. The UFO situation in the city of León and vicinity was the subject of a lengthy article by the late Lic. Gustavo A. Nelín which appeared in INEXPLICATA a decade ago ( -- Editor]

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Argentina: Unidentified Object at Construction Site Shocks Family

Source: PLANETA UFO and Extranormal (Iván Gómez)
Date: 02.04.2018

Argentina: Unidentified Object at Construction Site Shocks Family

The subject of UFOs has become an item that people tend to follow more assiduously at present, as many find the notion that we are not alone in the universe very appealing. The following Argentinean case is proof positive of this.

It all began when a man submitted a photograph to the Argentinean media taken from the 2 de Abril district in late January (2018) showing an unidentified flying object (UFO) in the sky.

According to the Tiempo de San Juan web portal, the impressive image shows a construction site. So far so good. However, a grey object in the sky startled the family as it looked at the horizon at that very moment.

The Perú web site says the object was photographed in late January in the aforementioned neighborhood, showing a saucer-shaped object - a sample of how human beings are monitored by entities from other planets.

In the final analysis, the witness - who chose to remain anonymous - said that the Espejo family did not see the strange object at first, but only until it was visible in the photo. It was at that time that they began wondering about the origin of the UFO - a matter they hope to solve in the future.

Photo (c) Tiempo de San Juan

[Translation © 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO and Iván Gómez, Extranormal]

Argentina: Woman Claims Witnessing "Strange Phenomenon" - Alleged UFO?

Source: Planeta UFO and RCN Radio
Date: 02.05.2018

Argentina: Woman Claims Witnessing "Strange Phenomenon" - Alleged UFO?

At approximately 5 pm on Sunday, February 4, a woman who chose to remain anonymous was on the terrace of her home in the La Pradera de Sogamoso district with her children when she noticed "strange behavior in the sun" in the western section of the city.

She says that her surprise grew exponentially as she saw how the sun "increased it size, resembling a huge fireball" that appeared to come toward her. Despite her fear, she chose to take some photos of the phenomenon with her cellphone.

The woman told RCN Radio that the fireball was following a trajectory that brought it so close to her that it was possible to see it on the facades of neighboring buildings. Despite the closeness of the apparent tongue of flame, no fire was evident, but an increase in temperature was noted.

The uncanny event caused the woman to order her children into the house.

Minutes later, unable to resist curiosity, she went outside again to look at the sun, which had returned to its normal appearance.

The scene was one of high strangeness, increasing when she decided to share her photographs with close friends. One of them pointed out a spot on one of the pictures which has caused questions about its meaning - a possible unidentified flying object.

The image is even more striking when magnified, and the spot gives the impression of being an alleged flying saucer. See for yourselves!

[Translation (c) 2018 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

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Mexico: Strange Beings in Analco (1973)

Mexico: Strange Beings in Analco (1973)
Article by Samuel Luna Aritama, Photos by Baltazar Torres(*)
LA PRENSA Newspaper

Two Little Men with "Straw-Like Fur" Reported

ANALCO - Puebla, September 23 1973 - Two strange beings whose bodies were coverd with fur "similar to straw" were seen by two shepyherds near a gorge located between the mountans at the foot of this community.

These living beings measured approximately fifteen centimeters.

The event occurred nearly two months after a flying object flew over this pcommunity on July 29 at six o'clock in the morning - an event witnessed by most of the town's inhabitants, who agree on the time of the manifestation and its characteristics.

The flying object issued two loud detonations as it crossed the sky, and was seen to vanish into a gorge, followed by a noise that made the earth shake. Local residents concur on this fact.

Alfonso Hernandez, a local peasant, told LA PRENSA that the two beings appeared when the shepherds were in the middle of the largest gorge in this region,

The peasant led us to the place where a rock wall broke away from a cliff, causing enormous boulders to roll to the depths, toppling trees as they went, on the same day that the object was reported.

The place is halfway in the middle of this canyon, and in order to reach the site, it is necessary to walk over three hours along a very narrow gap. The walls of the gorge are covered by vegetation on the one hand, and a chasm on the others.

There are strong momentary gusts of wind, and the silence is broken only by the whistling of the wind as it strikes some peaks, and birdsong. Eagles can be seen flying high above nearly all seasons of the year, preying on rabbits or other rodents found on the plateaus of these canyons.

At the very bottom of the canyon one can see a river bed - now dry - and some watering holes left behind in reservoirs created among the rocks.

After the walk, and where the sun was never concealed by any clouds, peasant Alfonso Hernandez led LA PRENSA some fifty meters from where the landslide took place.

"Look," he said. "This wasn't there on the day that thing fell from the sky, I heard rumbling and on the next day I came over here. That's when I saw that many boulders had been ripped out of place and the trees uprooted."

And in fact, scanning the area pointed out by the peasant reveals how some trees appeared to have been ripped out of the ground, some of them half buried. Some boulders even had their vegetation, as it something heavy had crashed against them.

(*) Photos not included in the news item provided.

[Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, INEXPLICATA with thanks to Alfonso Salazar]