Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Uruguay: Strange Circles of Burned Grass in a Field

DATE: February 7, 2006
For some days now, residents believe that events of a supernatural nature have been taking place in our province.
At midnight on Monday, January 23, there were people in San Salvador and Crespo who claimed seeing strange lights in the sky. At Nandubaysal Beach in Gualeguayco, several people claimed having seen a light they couldn't describe, although it remained in the sky for over two minutes.

A mysterious event took place in our city yesterday morning, alarming several residents of the rural outskirts. The time was around 3 am when Enrique Hurtado, who lives 400 meters from the bridge of the El Colman creek on Route 15 with his mother, Edith Moneda, felt that someone touched his arm and face as he slept. He woke up with a start, but did not find anyone in the room.
He also looked out the window without finding anything strange. Her mother was asleep in the other room. In the morning, they were both astonished to find the grass in front of their house burned in the shape of two rings. Both circles, measuring 15 paces in diameter, approximately, presented a nearly perfect curvature. "We didn't hear or see anything strange," Edith told La Calle Newspaper, "only the barking of dogs over a considerable part of the night." Around 19:00 hours a flock of birds startled them as it flew quickly away from a nearby copse as though frightened by something.
Before returning from the site, at sunset, we surveyed the sky with the remote hope of seeing something unusual, but only saw the stars that began to fill the Uruguayan skies.
Translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to David Cervantes, Fundacion Cosmos.


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