Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Argentina: Police Encounter UFO in the town of Mercedes

Source: Planeta UFO and Noticias Mercedinas
Date: 10/30/06
The Grupo Investigador de Fenomenos Aeroespaciales reported a case that involved a police cruiser near the railroad tracks on Calle 10. A vehicle with strange lights passed over the car at an altitude of less than 200 meters.
The Grupo Investigador de Fenomenos Aeroespaciales Desconocidos (GIFAD)of this city, a member of the Red Argentina de Ovnilogia, reported a sighting of the phenomenon by the occupants of a police cruiser. The event occurred during the first week of October and left the protagonists perplexed due to its strangeness. While they were willing to speak about the event to members of GIFAD, they did not wish to disclose their identities. GIFAD went on to provide ample details about the phenomenon: during the first week of October 2006, around 23:00 hours, a police cruiser was engaged in its customary rounds along the extension of Calle 10 heading toward the cemetery. Upon reaching the railroad crossing, the squad car's two occupants saw "an intense light" on their left, hovering at low altitude over the fields.
"They stopped their vehicle to get a better look and noticed that it was an object that was moving slowly toward them. When it passed over the car, they ascertained that it was no more than 200 meters overhead. It was at that point that they noticed a dark circular structure with a red light at its core and not very far from it, a circle of continuous lights of a whitish-yellow hue. The sky was completely clear, which allowed them to determine that the dark mass's diameter was between 4 and 5 meters. Movement took place in absolute silence. The object continued its trajectory slowly until it vanished toward San Jacinto," said Alberto Brunetti, a member of GIFAD, regarding the information provided by the anonymous policemen.
Furthermore, the local ufologist mentioned a curious item of information which is similar to other "encounters" with alleged intelligent entities plowing the skies aboard unidentified vehicles. "As soon as the object was over their heads, one of the witnesses (an officer with several years of experience), contacted headquarters on the emergency channel and to his surprise, communication was established with the police station at Suipacha, when logically, he should have contacted the one in our city due to its proximity."
The police officer in question (who wishes to remain anonymous), in a conversation with Alberto Brunetti, also recalled seeing an anomalous light over the former Instituto Capitan Sarmiento seven or eight years ago.
Translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo D. Gimenez, Planeta UFO (Argentina)


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