Monday, October 16, 2006

Mexico: Red Cross Personnel Witness UFO over Guerrero

Source: Diario 21 (Guerrero)
Date: 10.5.06
MEXICO: UFO Sighting in Guerrero Witnessed by Red Cross Personnel

4 UFOs over Taxco in Broad Daylight

Taxco - For 20 minutes, four unidentified flying objects (UFOs) appeared over the city, traveling in a northeast to south direction as the sun shed its last few rays over the city, at 19:00 hours last monday, according to several residents.

At 19:10 hours, [a UFO] appeared for over two minutes in a "somewhat" descending form, and as it vanished into the distance, three more objects appeared from the opposite direction, as though they were about to collide, said Fernando Zaga, a resident of Los Jales. "The ones who recorded the UFO were Red Cross personnel. I saw them loading their camera," he said, adding, "several of us saw the vehicles, even with a certain amount of fear."

Miguel Angel Saenz Ocampo, a rescue worker of the international organization, when interviewed this morning by DIARIO 21, noted that after having witnessed the event, "only two more objects appeared from the same direction and one more, traveling from one side to another."

He added that the event "the likes of which he'd never seen before" had an approximate duration of 20 minutes.
Antonio Gomez Castrejon, also a member of the Red Cross, showed the reporter the images taken with his camcorder after the UFOs had appeared.

He rejected the possibility that they could have been airplanes, as no wings were visible, adding that they had a semi-oval shape, "somewhat rounded", made no noise, and [flew] at an estimated speed of 600-800 kmh.

"Airplanes fly along a defined route from which they do not stray, unless they have been hijacked or experience mechanical failures," he stated. "Nor do they cross paths with one another, much less pretending to collide." The images were taken from "the best angle" of the Red Cross facility, accompanied by two rescue workers.

Sergio Miguel Sandoval, a resident of La Florida, claimed having seen those objects that "seemed to travel from Cuernavaca to Iguala, or from the community of El Azul to Taxco el Viejo."

Gomez Castrejon said that his video will be shown in its entirety in the "Mitos, Leyendas y Enigmas" show that is broadcast on Saturdays on Landavision's news program, produced by Joaquin Cadena, by cable television.

(translation (c) 2006, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ana Luisa Cid)


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