Friday, November 03, 2006

Mexico: Alleged UFO Causes a Stir in Aguascalientes

Source: Fundacion Cosmos, A.C. and []

Date: November 2, 2006


** Excitement in the Aguascalientes town square prompted a radio station to send a reporter to cover the event live **

Aguascalientes, Mexico (2 November 2006) - Not even Jaime Maussan has that kind of pull. Manuel Palacios, a professional videographer, managed to summon - without publicity and in a spontaneous manner - nearly 70 people for 15 minutes so that they would watch a UFO while he recorded it on his camcorder.

"I saw it (in the sky), thought it was odd and started to record it. When I saw people gathering, I started taping them instead," he said.

The object captured by Palacios' camera floated like a balloon and flew slowly at a distance that was hard to calculate. It could only be seen with through his camera's powerful zoom lens. The object resembled a white-colored plantain, convulsing like a lazy worm.

The spontaneous assembly in the Aguascalientes town square even prompted a radio station to send a reporter to do a live broadcast from the site.

"I swear by these eyes that you can't see anything at all," said the reporter.

But people wanted to see something. "Look, it's right there, watch it move. It looks like a UFO, an unidentified flying object," said others.

Dissatisfied with the reporter's own eyes, the newscasts' crew wanted to corroborate that what people were seeing wasn't a UFO, and then called the airport for an answer.

"We have no reports at all," declared the airport's administrator cuttingly. But people wanted to see "something" and called the radio show claiming to have seen something over various districts in Aguas Calientes.

"We're getting calls from the Ojo Caliente district and Morelos telling us that the object can also be seen over there," said the newscaster. "We've received several calls reporting the same thing."

"I saw at first that they were three objects that separated and joined again. Later there was only the one that could be seen up there," said Carlos Mata, one of the viewers at the crowded scene.

At the end, the elongated object that squirmed like a worm vanished from the videographer's sight. With some amusement, he later made comments on the event.

Translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos, A.C. (Mexico)


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