Friday, February 23, 2007

Chile:UFO Videotape Causes Nationwide Stir

Source: Diario Renacer (Angol, Chile)
Date: 02.08.07

CHILE: UFO Videotape Causes a Stir Nationwide

Raul Gajardo Leopold's latest video recording, in which he claims that his son picked up an unidentified flying object over Angol in the first few days of Februray, was seen throughout the entire country after the video was aired during a newscast on the Megavision network.

According to Gajardo, this recording was made in the "El Mirador" district of Angol, and the UFO phenomenon was witnessed by four other people besides himself after 11 p.m.: his son, Raul Gajardo Torres, who made the recording; Ulises Benavides Vega, and Ricardo Rojas and his 14 year-old son, Ricardo Rojas Aedo. Raul Gajarod noted that the UFO was seen for over a minute at an approximate distance of one kilometer and 200 meters over the Pino Huacho sector to the northeast of Angol.

The ufologist added that the UFO was a large, orange, cylinder-shaped object -- similar to a pencil -- that lay horizontally in the sky, having a whitish light at its core. He further added that they could clearly see reddish dots on either end, and that two smaller spherical object swere launched upward and downward at a given moment.

The researcher also added that it is possible to see several UFO phenomena on a daily basis, within a 3-hour observation period. For this reason, he says, "I believe that we are at a peak period, because only two could be seen in October and November. Now on the other hand, we can see many more."

(translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nunez, IIEE)


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