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In The Wake of AVB: More Sex and Saucers

In The Wake of AVB: More Sex and Saucers
By Scott Corrales

On March 3, 1978, in the small hours of the morning, eighteen-year-old Jose Inacio Alvaro, studying to be an electrician at a vo-tech in the Brazilian town of Pelotas, noticed a strange glow pouring in through one of the windows of his house. Alvaro, who had been up at that late hour studying, felt an unusual torpor seize him at the very moment that a thin blue beam appeared out of the light. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the street at a considerable distance from his home. Casting a frightened look at his wristwatch, Jose Inacio realized the time was now four o'clock in the morning: he had no recollection of what events had transpired in the intervening two hours.

Jose Inacio's case attracted the attention of Brazilian ufologists who urged him to undergo hypnosis. The sessions were conducted by a number of faculty members of the University of Pelotas and at one point even included the college's chancellor.
Under hypnosis, Jose Inacio recounted an experience that rivaled the classic Antonio Villas Boas case: at a given point, he found himself in an unfurnished, circular room and in the company of a naked, dark-haired woman that was much taller than he. At that point, the student realized that he, too, was unclothed. The woman approached him, placed a hand on his forehead, and told him not to be frightened since no harm would befall him. She immediately began caressing Jose Inacio, who at first had misgivings about the situation but eventually relented. They ended up having sexual intercourse on a structure that he described as "a net."

The details of his carnal experience were intensely graphic. The hypnotists' report states that the subject's words and movements clearly indicate he was reliving the experience under trance. For the sake of decorum, the researchers allegedly erased the recording of the session.

Unlike the AVB case, there were witnesses to Jose Inacio's return from his odyssey. One resident of Pelotas claimed having seen the student lying on the street at that time of the morning; upon approaching to offer assistance, the good samaritan alleged that Jose Inacio stood up like an automaton and began to walk away from the scene. Other local residents claimed to have witnessed the passing of a disk-shaped flying object in the air above Pelotas that caused disruptions to the power grid as it passed overhead.

The experiences of AVB and Jose Inacio Alvaro were not to be unique: theirs would soon have to share the spotlight with those of a third Brazilian man by the name of Juan Valerio.

On the evening of November 30, 1982, Juan Valerio da Silva went out of his house in the rural town of Botucatú to get some water and did not re-enter the structure. Three hours later, he was found unconscious in his backyard, naked and covered in what appeared to be oil.

Having no conscious recollection of what happened during the twelve-hour absence, hypnosis was again employed to ascertain his whereabouts during the "missing time" period. Valerio claimed that he was taken to a strange place by unseen captors, stripped of his clothing and placed beside a dark-skinned naked woman with long black hair who forced him to engage in sexual activity. A series of "strange tattoos" were etched upon his body.

While lacking the lurid descriptions that made his predecessors' experiences famous, the importance of Valerio's story lies in what we could term the postscript: the abductee developed a number of psychic abilities, most notably telekinetic powers. He has also had repeated visits from his non-human hosts, and was led to believe that his eldest son, Reginaldo, was also the product of genetic experimentation by these alien entities.

Strange Oils Indeed

Mirassol is a city of some thirty-two thousand inhabitants in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil which has earned its place in ufological history due to the events which allegedly took place there in 1979, regarding the experiences with non-human entities lived by Antonio Carlos Ferreira, who was 21 years old at the time and working as a watchman for a large furniture manufacturer in town.

At three o'clock in the morning on June 28th of that year, Ferreira witnessed a large shining light descend from the darkness on to the ground not far from where he stood watch. As he concentrated on the bright light, he then noticed that three diminutive entities were approaching: their heads were covered by opaque helmets and their bodies were encased in form fitting suits with what the young watchman took to be "breathing devices". Before Ferreira knew it, one of the beings fired a beam of red light that left him paralyzed. The was conveyed--in this state of immobility--toward the painfully bright light, which turned out to be a small disk-shaped craft that shuttled Ferreira and his captors to a larger vehicle in space.

Once aboard this craft, the frightened watchman was surprised to notice two different sorts of beings milling about: one having dark skin and curly red hair, and the other with lighter complexions and straight black hair; both non-human species had large slanted eyes, wide mouths with thick lips, well-defined chins and lacked eyebrows or eyelashes. His own abductors proved to be some sort of "mechanical men" who returned to their stations against a wall after delivering their captive.

Had nothing else occurred, Antonio Carlos Ferreira would have merely been a South American Travis Walton--a stranger in a strange place filled with non-human entities. But the most harrowing part of his unearthly experience was still to come. The humanoids transferred the watchman to a small room and told to lie down on a couch after giving him multiple assurances by telepathic means that he would be returned home unharmed.

Feeling more at ease, Ferreira complied until another being appeared in the room: it was a naked female of the darker skinned alien species. Under the hypnotic regression preformed by the late researcher Walter K. Buhler, Guillermo Pereira and Ney Matiel, Ferreira described his would-be sex partner as downright repulsive, having an unpleasant breath, an overly large chin, small breasts and icy cold skin. The detail of red pubic hair, which had first emerged in the Villas Boas case, resurfaced in Ferreira's experience.

A struggle with the aliens--also reminiscent of the AVB case--would take place as three of the creatures tore his clothes off to prepare him for the act. Ferreira was outraged and told the female not to come closer since "her ugliness was repulsive". A slightly taller alien gave Ferreira an injection that caused him to lose strength and brought his combativeness to an end. They then covered him in a dark, amber-colored oil and placed the repulsive-looking female on top of him. The sexual act was rapidly consummated and the aliens fussed over him again, bathing him in the strange oil once more. His captors informed him they came from "another planet" and that their mission was to secure human offspring for future research; he was told that he would be contacted once more in order that he could meet his hybrid offspring.

At one point, Ferreira complained of an inability to breathe and his abductors gave him an unpleasant-tasting liquid that appeared to remedy the situation. Similar "cordials" (for want of a better word) also been described in other Brazilian cases, such as the one involving the soldier "Jose Antonio", who was abducted by strange dwarves while fishing on a riverbank.

Ferreira apparently underwent other abduction events of which he had no conscious recollection whatsoever--the second in January 1983 and the third in April of that same year.

Young Julio Makes a Friend

This case takes us from subequatorial Brazil to the Caribbean, where in 1934, a teenager identified only as "Julio" became the protagonist of an episode that would scar him for life. It was first investigated by Puerto Rican ufologist Sebastián Robiou (mid-70s), then re-investigated by Salvador Freixedo (late '80s). The witness has since been interviewed once more by Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo (1997).

One morning, while flying a brand new kite on a slope outside the city of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, before going off to school, young Julio was startled to see his kite being sucked in by what appeared to be an air-pocket or vacuum of some kind. He pulled on the string and noticed an inordinate amount of resistance from the wayward kite. Upon looking up, he was amazed to see a ball "like a ball bearing", but measuring some twenty feet across and having the same coppery hue of a BB. A light issued from the object and he felt himself being raised into the air. Before he knew it, he was inside the strange flying object.

"On one side, I saw a girl," Julio indicated during the interview conducted by Robiou. "and on the other was a guy looking at a some sort of giant emerald. He wore a tight-fitting olive-drab suit that looked like plastic. I couldn't see his face, because he was minding the device. He gestured at the girl...the girl had a pinkish complexion and wore a silvery suit. She was small, like one of our six year-old girls, with platinum blonde hair. I don't remember the color of her eyes."

Julio explained that the child was holding his kite in her hands, and that he made all possible efforts to tell her that it belonged to him. The girl did not surrender the kite. Instead, she gave him a small box, from which images could be made to appear. He did not remember how, but the object returned him to the place from which he had been collected, and returned him abruptly to the ground. He suffered a sprained ankle as a result of the experience--but he had the curious little box with him.

Further details would emerge during Freixedo's re-opening of the case. "Julio", now a hardened man in his early sixties, informed the Spanish ufologist of the ultimate fate of the little box he'd been entrusted with.

The box measured some 20 x 20 x 20 centimeters, and when its "user" placed his or her hands upon it, a "kind of vapor made up of lights" would spin on its surface, causing an entity--as small ape-like creature no more than 1 meter tall --to appear in the room. According to Julio, the entities materialized in such a manner would not speak and appeared to be surprised to find themselves in an alien environment. The girl-child on the strange object had successfully caused the "little apes" to return to their native surroundings or "back into the box", as Julio put it. Only the hapless boy was not so good at this final aspect: the diminutive simians would materialize and vanish at breathtaking speed out the window, many times in the presence of his classmates who had asked him to perform the "neat trick" with the box. The apported entities were not at all pleased, claimed Julio, with their new condition. They would frighten children and dogs, and appeared to prowl the surroundings of Julio's family's house. "Believe me," he told the researcher. "I would just like to die. I'm tired of seeing strange things." The supernatural primates had apparently been the source of a number of mysterious deaths that had occurred in his corner of southwestern Puerto Rico over the decades.

When Magdalena del Amo-Freixedo re-opened the case as part of her book Abducciones (Bell Book, 1998), a further wrinkle appeared which has a direct bearing to this article.

Now willing to go on the record by his real name --Juan Rivera Feliberti--
he explained to Del Amo-Freixedo that his contact with the alien "girl" had not stopped after the incident of the wayward kite. Many years later, now a married man with children, the experiencer moved from Mayaguez to Sabana Grande, P.R. and took his family to the beach one day. While the children frolicked in the water, "Julio" decided to go fishing. He suddenly realized he was not alone: a beautiful woman had appeared right in front of him. A wave of remembrances washed over him as he realized her blonde hair was identical to that of the girl in the odd circular vehicle so many years ago. He asked her where she came from, and she allegedly replied "from far away, from the stars...”

Male figures soon appeared, clad identically to the one he remembered seeing back in 1934. "They were the lady's companions...they were identical to the one I'd seen as a boy. Suddenly, I don't know what she did, but she was completely naked. She didn't tell me anything, but I understood in my mind that she wanted to have relations with me. I didn't want to...I wanted to run away. Besides, my wife could catch me if she happened to come around." Although hesitant to describe his unusual experience to a female investigator, Del Amo-Freixedo eventually convinced him to elaborate. Uncomfortably, "Julio", now in his seventies, continued the story: "Look, I didn't want to at first, but you know how it is. I was young and the woman was very good-looking. She began caressing me all over, and we ended up like men and women do when they're both unclothed."

"Julio" bashfully added that his alien lover's body was not exactly like that of a human female: her breasts appeared to be placed lower on the torso and her pubic area was hairless. He made the curious observation that her skin, while soft, was somewhat scaly. These anatomical differences did not deter him, however: "We [had sex] several times. I think four. Back then one was full of energy and recovered quicker." In subsequent years, he would return to the scene of the events in hope of seeing his unusual sex partner again, but never did.

As if to bring the events in the long, strange life of Juan Rivera Feliberti to a full circle, at around three o'clock a.m. one day in 1995, he saw the same girl who's stolen his kite once more, standing outside his house.

Regardless of whatever stance we may have regarding the UFO phenomenon, and provided that we are willing to suspend disbelief, the information which can be glean from these cases is of considerable interest: absent from the scene are the Grays, Reptoids and Nordics that seem to populate the abductee chronicles, we have beings of an entirely different taxonomy engaged in an operation or mission that appears to be taking place largely within the confines of Brazil, the South American giant. The commonalities of the experiences--the oily liquid applied on the abductees, which serves as antiseptic and aphrodisiac at once; the beverage that relieves human discomfort; the choice of intercourse rather than artificial insemination--link them together while separating them from the coldly clinical abduction phenomenon in the northern hemisphere.

The fact that this libidinous aspect of the UFO phenomenon appears to have a strong preference for Brazil has led to jocose comments on the appeal of Brazilian virility to non-human intelligences. The fact remains that somewhat similar situations have occurred elsewhere in the world and in our own country as well.

In October 1974, oil worker Carl Higdon took a day off from work and went hunting near Rawlins, Wyoming. Coming across an elk (an astonishing piece of luck in itself on the first day of hunting), Higdon pulled the trigger on his rifle only to see the bullet issue from the weapon in slow motion and land fifty feet away from him. To his astonishment, the hunter realized that time was standing still all around him and that a chinless, jawless alien being was looking at him. Higdon was apparently abducted and hooked up to strange devices aboard "a cube-shaped UFO". The hunter attributed the reason for his return to Earth by his captors was that he had had a vasectomy performed a few years before the abduction and was therefore useless for the "breeding program" that his captors appeared to be pursuing.


It is an unquestionable fact that sex has played a pivotal role in a number of UFO cases and has become the mainstay of the abduction phenomenon, whose literature centers around the non-consensual aspect of these goings-on. But these are merely the latest facet of a phenomenon that goes back to the very start of human history and myth. Who can forget the Greek gods and the numerous guises they assumed to seduce humans? But the Mediterranean cultures were hardly alone in their beliefs. Hindu deities were equally proficient at seduction: the Bhaghavata Purana tells us of the exploits of the divine Krishna with mortal milkmaids. Hardly a culture in the Americas lacks a story concerning a sky maiden who fell to earth, married a mortal, and then returned to her people after having had offspring.

The notion of sexual congress has also played heavily in science fiction and other speculative writing as far back as Edgar Rice Burroughs's John Carter of Mars stories, where the human hero fights all manner of alien beings on the Red Planet and wins the affections of the alien princess Deja Thoris (Burroughs's Martians were oviparous, so in the course of time, we can imagine that Carter's alien lover laid an egg).