Sunday, January 20, 2008

Argentina: NASA To Look Into Rio Cuarto UFO?

Source: INFOBAE and Fundacion Cosmos AC
Date: January 17, 2008

The phenomenon was seen by residents of that locality and an official air traffic controler. The Air Force is willing to ask help from that U.S. agency in order to clear up the matter. These are the first images taken of the strange object.

The Argentinean Air Force is looking into a UFO sighting reported by an air traffic controller and hudnreds of residents of Rio Cuarto in the Province of Cordoba (central Argentina), military sources told the EFE news agency.

They indicated that cooperation has been requested from the Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE) and if necessary, from the National Air and Space Administration (NASA) of the U.S. government.

Spokesmen confirmed that the AAF does not have records of the UFO sighted on Monday night by anb operator of the Rio Cuarto airport and seen by hundreds of residents of that city, located 700 km from Buenos Aires.

The traffic controller saw a strange object that did not reply to his request for identification and later vanished after flying over the airport.

Hundreds of local residents phoned radio and TV stations to report the UFO sighting. Carlos Oyola, spokesman for the Air Force in Rio Cuarto, stated that there was no record of any civillian or military flights at the time of the sighting.

Oyola told the Rio Cuarto press that the object did not correspond to a conventional aircraft "nor one of the satellites that are often seen" over the area.

But Air Force sources told EFE today that Oyola's statements do not imply official admission of the appearance of a UFO because the event has yet to be investigated.

In this regard, the stated that the object could be a weather balloon or an atmospheric phenomenon, and for this reason, cooperation was requested from CONAE and eventually from NASA.

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