Sunday, January 20, 2008

Puerto Rico: Strange Lights in Late 2007

Date: 14 January '08

Puerto Rico: Strange Lights in Late 2007

On December 22, 2007, Wilmar and Frank were heading back toward Bayamon from the city of Ponce. Upon reaching Av. Los Filtros around 6:10 p.m., they watched the sunset and the arrival of twilight. Suddenly Wilma looked at the sky and saw what she at first thought was a jet. She quickly realized this was not the case, and that it could be a shooting star, but dismissed the possibility as the object remained in view and grew larger in size. She then thought it was a meteorite or something that had broken away and was falling toward the ground. That's when she asked Frank to look up, thinking that it was a meteorite or something similar. Frank told her it was a jet airplane. Wanda replied that those airplane left smoke in their wake, and this one had light. She added that it wasn't a normal aircraft, as it was flying forward and not the customary route followed by commercial planes.

Frank agreed with this assessment, and continued driving as they kept their eyes on the object. When they passed the Military Academy, the object stopped. Judging by the way the light came down, [the object] appeared cone-shaped. Suddenly, Wanda realized that another light of the same size pulled up beside it and then over the object. Unlike the first one, Wanda did not see a descending shaft of light from this craft. It only hung above the first one for some seconds. Then the cone-shaped object made a right turn (as if heading toward San Juan) making an "L" turn. It did not turn like a commercial airliner would, rather in a perfect turn that startled the onlookers. Both objects moved in unison and the lights suddenly disappeared.

Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Lucy Guzman,