Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spain: Strange Lights Seen All Over Country

Source: 20MINUTOS.ES
Date: 4.14.08


Readers report seeing the same strange lights all over Spain.
They believe they saw yellowish or orange lights that traveled in a zig-zag pattern at full speed.
Lights were visible in A Coruna, Burgos, Valencia and Huelva

Readers of 20Minutos.es have submitted several e-mails from various cities throughout spain reporting that they believe to have seen strange lights that could be UFOs on Sunday evening.

From Valencia two readers remark that "we have seen lights moving in zig-zag while going along Valencia's Avenida del Puerto. Le lights came from the west more or less. They were yellowish lights and I thought it was an airplane, but they repeated and moved very quickly. We have informed the authorities and we hope information is made available, as we are somewhat scared."

Pablo describes a similar case: "Only a few minutes ago did I see a light, [although] I can't tell if it was yellow or orange. The fact is that it moved from side to side in a rapid zig-zag motion. Several of my friends also claim to have seen it. It doesn't seem to be a shooting star. I found it curious, although I must admit that I'm scared that it could be an asteroid about to strike the Earth."

Jorge Luis, in Burgos, claims to have seen" something that moved at blinding speed. It wasn't an aircraft, it moved in an uncontrolled manner and had intermittent orange lights. It made no noise. People are very nervous by this development and there is confusion out on the streets".

Sergio Trueba also writes: "I was on my way home in the car when I saw some lights that flitted by me in the sky on Sunday. When I got home, they told me that they'd also seen something, but didn't give it much thought."

Also seen in Huelva, A Coruna and Madrid

Another reader in Huelva states that he saw "a spacecraft flying over the city. It had yellow and orange lights. It moved quickly and was heading north (I saw it from the east). We're very concerned about it around here."

The same yellow lights were seen glowing brightly over A Coruna, according to another reader." We are sure that they weren't airplanes because they made no sound at all and made strange movments, like a zig-zag. We have informed the authorities."

A Madrid resident also says: "I saw an object in the sky. It was like an airplane with very bright yellow lights. In fact, it could blind you if you looked at it closely. It made some very strange effects and movements. It flew much too fast."

Additional Information: http://www.20minutos.es/noticia/369109/0/luces/espana/ovnis/

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Universo Prohibido)