Monday, May 05, 2008

Argentina: Chupacabras Changes Diet

Date: 05.02.08

Argentina: Chupacabras Changes Diet

A dog was found dead with a puncture mark in its throat and completely drained of blood in the Argentinean city of Rosario. No signs of a struggle were evident, nor were bloodstains found on the ground. The animal shared a terrace with another dog that did not suffer any violence whatsoever.

This incident likely took place in the early morning hours of Thursday. Daniel Angel R., a resident of the Echesortu district of Rosario, heard some barking from the terrace on which he kept his dogs, but paid no attention to it, since there was nothing unusual about the situation.

According to information provided by the local newspaper "La Capital", the owner of the property went up to the terrace areound noon, finding one of his dogs dead under a grill. Upon examining the body, Daniel R. did not find any other signs of violence beyond a deep, clean wound in the neck area which allowed him to see the animal's bones. No signs of a struggle were evident in the area, not even a drop of blood on the ground.

The frightened man took the carcass to the city's 6th Sheriff's Office, where he filed the corresponding police report. The dog's lifeless body was taken to the Instituto Medico Legal, where an autopsy shall be performed in order to establish the cause of death.

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, Fundacion Cosmos A.C.)