Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mexico: UFOs Reported During San Luis Potosi Flood

Date: 08.26.08

MEXICO: UFOs Reported During San Luis PotosiFloods

Up to 14 UFOs reported during natural disaster in the Huasteca, July 2008

As far as the UFOs were concerned, Abel Zamudio reported that was surprised, on the 7th of this month,,when he looked toward the sun at arriound 9 am, he saw strange black objects surrounding the solar disk.“I first thought these were spots produced by the brightness, but feeling intrigued by it, I took one of the smoked glass, like the kind welders use in their masks, to see it better.”

It was then that he discovered, to his surprise, at least 14 flying objects surrounding the sun. He was unable to identify them. “One thing is clear,” says Zamudio, “and its that these were not physical phenomena or flashes caused by the sun, but rather UFOs spinning and forming a circle, remaining like that for several minutes. The unfortunate part is that the distance made them impossible to photograph,” he remarked.

But not only that: on the 11th, Jaime Chavez Stevens took a photo of a UFO near one of the helicopters used to deliver humanitarian aid to the flood victims on his 2 megapixel cell phone. He managed to print several photos of a dark spot that appeared and disappeared, providing them to “El Manana” to be analyzed by the paper’s experts.

Moreover, Javier Alvarado Colon noted that in Tamasopo, Sierra de Aquismon and El Naranjo there was nearly imperceptible seismic activity only days before the rainstorms. “I don’t know if this was due to barometric pressure or some related physical phenomenon, but the tremors were a fact.”In both cases, research is left in the hands of the experts.

Personal comment by Ana Luisa Cid: The author of this note, Mr. Antonio Martinez Chavez, also participated in the investigation of the Xilitla UFO Crash, transmitted on The History Channel with the journalist's participation.