Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Argentina: Strange Objects in the Cordillera

Strange Objects in the Mendozan Cordillera
By Daniel Szauter, January 2009

This investigation is the result of an e-mail sent to Daniel Valverdi by some mountain climbers, reporting the discovery of certain objects embedded in the Mendozan Cordillera. Their report included coordinates for the sites, and that spurred our investigation.

The first step we took was to locate the areas where these objects were located through the aid of satellite photography. These elements were used to judge the size of the object, the distance from the nearest inhabited community, etc., all of this to get a better idea of the elements we would need to reach these locations. It must be kept in mind that this was in the depths of the Cordillera, where everything is both difficult and dangerous. Some of them are located at 2000, 3000 or 4000 meters above sea level.

During the "armchair investigation" phase, we discussed the subject with members of the GABIE group, Ariel Coppola and Pablo Lasa, who were very interested in the subject, to the extent that only a few days later they sent us an e-mail with the coordinates of another two or three objects found through satellite photography. One of them attracted our attention, as it was very near a National Gendarmes (state police) post, specifically at Punta de Vacas, Province of mendoza, on National Route No. 7, toward the Cristo Redentor border crossing. This is the site upon which we focused all our efforts.

The object in question is made up two circles, as though they were a pair of "portholes" located one on top of another, forming an "8" whose approximate measurements are two meters in diameter each, located some 400 meters from National Route 7 and 100 meters above it.

With the assistance of my CODIGO OVNI colleagues, I reached the area in question from Buenos Aires and got in touch with an employee from an official agency. I broached the subject and he told me that he had no knowledge of it, but added that "strange phenomena" were known to occur in the area. To collect more information, he sent me to speak to a colleague of his stationed at Puente del Inca, who would corroborate the existence of "strange phenomena" in the area, remarking that he had photos of two UFOs, which he will send me as soon as possible for purposes of analysis. After this, I made my first foray in order to make the discovery.

The first results were negative, since there was nothing in plain sight at the location and my GPS didn't have the exact coordinates. To solve this mishap, I phoned Buenos Aires to ask Daniel Valverdi for help. The following day, with more exact information in my possession, I returned to the site. When I reached it, I noticed a distorsion in my GPS, which marked the arrival point as the left side of the road, exactly where the entrance to the state police barracks was, and as I'd originally seen in the GPS map. But it was sending me backward, toward a river canyon, a hard to reach place (I still don't understand the reason for the instrument's imbalance). Luckily, I came across a local who gave me directions after I showed him my maps. Wit his assitance, all I needed to do was cover the distance and elevation from the road. As I climbed, I found a crater measuring 4 meters long and 2 meters wide at a ledge 100 meters above on the edge of mountain slope. It was 1.5 meters deep and 50 cm wide at its base, as if an oval-shaped "something" had fallen on the site, with all its contents spread around it. The effect resembled a construction site, with split rocks inside [the crater].

I found no traces of machinery or strange elements at the site, which is inaccessible to earthmoving equipment. I took photos and video recordings of the find, along with samples of dirt, rocks and magnetized soil before heading back to Buenos Aires.

Satellite photos detect the presence of strange bodies in the area which are neither snow nor rock formations. If upon reaching the area, the object was near a center of population whose inhabitants could have seen or found the object, there is the possibility that the rest of the objects located via satellite in hard-to-reach locations and at high elevations, far from any human observation, may still be there. The research continues...

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU)