Saturday, October 17, 2009

Argentina: The Mule Soul - A Mythical Creature Reported in Loreto

Source: La Arena (Newspaper)
Date: 10/16/2009

Argentina: The Mule Soul - A Mythical Creature Reported in Loreto

A rancher living in an outlying district of the city of Loreto (Santiago del Estero) told police that a strange creature – known in popular mythology as “El Almamula” (the Mule Soul) has been attacking his animals and has already mutilated several of his pigs, eating “their eyes, tongues, livers and hearts.”

Santiago del Estero - 10/16/2009

The man, identified as Mario Prado, a resident of Barrio Emergencia on the outskirts of Loreto, presented a complaint before Section 27 of the Provincial Police, further informing authorities that he would wait in a corner of his house, fully armed, in an effort to slay the creature and put an end to the “goings-on”

“This situation doesn’t involve normal animals – it’s the handiwork of the Almamula, because it eats eyes, tongues, livers and hearts,” Prado pointed out, citing what he was told in turn by another local upon seeing the state in which his pigs had been found.

According to his explanation, this neighbor also informed him that he should arm himself and wait in the pen for the next attack, and to file a complaint with the police, which he finally did in recent days.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E)