Saturday, November 28, 2009

Argentina: Speculation about UFOs Over Salta and Perú

Source: Diario Urgente
Date: 11.27.2009

Argentina: Speculation About UFOs Over Salta and Perú: Is First Contact Imminent?

Daily newspapers of the Salta locality of Anta stated that in the early hours of Thursday, witnesess claimed seeing a flying object shaped like a luminous cigar. In Perú, a UFO flotilla showed itself over Lima.

CITY OF BUENOS AIRES (Urgente 24) - Daily newspapers of the Salta locality of Anta stated that in the early hours of Thursday, witnesess claimed seeing a flying object shaped like a luminous cigar.

The publication reports that “the Department of Anta was plunged into darkness in early morning hours yesterday following an interruption of electric power produced at the same time that dozens of witnesses claimed having seen a UFO plowing the skies over Joaquin V. Gonzalez.”

Similar statements were received from the districts of San Nicolas, San Cayetano, Malvinas Argentinas and the downtown area, and witnesses appealed to the news media at noon yesterday, once services had been restored, to provide their version of the events.

Daniel Barboza, director of Radio UNO, told Diario El Tribuno that “the lights went out around two in the morning. The night was hot, cloudy and the lightning bolts threatened to unleash a storm that never came, as only a light drizzle fell. For this reason we initially attributed the power interruption to weather conditions.”

“But today (meaning yesterday morning) residents from all of the districts came to the radio station to tell us about the sighting of a strange craft just at the same time that the electricity and other services were interrupted.”

He further reported that “according to all accounts, the craft was enormous, shaped like a cigar and completely illuminated. Residents claimed that it flew over the power plant area for a few seconds. The fact that people from various points of the city agreed on the description of the UFO attracted our attention, so we commenced our own investigation.”

Barboza added: “At first, we explored the reasons for the power outage, which is unusual in this locality, and rarely happens. if it happens, the power company provides advance notce for residents to take measures. Until today at noon (meaning yesterday), the local branch of the company had no explanation whatsoever. It is necessary to add to this the interruption of other services: water, phone, etcetera.” He further noted: “According to witnesses, the interruption could be due to the action of an electromagnetic field emanating from the craft, and which affected the station. But these are only conjectures.”

Antonio Galvagno, a commercial pilot and a member of the Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia (FAO), explained to local media that “according to all accounts, [the sighting] involved a mothership, cigar-type, elongated, completely illuminated by flash-type lights that ranged from white to red, which is unusual in this sort of craft. The UFO was seen in the northern part of the locality, toward El Tunal. What was most curious about the event was that this is the place where the electric utility detected a burned-out turbine, according to the information that was disseminated by the local media.”

UFOs Over Lima

Eight alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were seen in the skies over Lima and were a source of astonishment to dozens of people going about their business in downtown Lima.

According to Peru 21, three luminous objects were involved at first, forming a perfect triangular formation in the sky.

The dots then began to move and multiply, eliminating the possibility that stars or balloons could be involved.

In the end, eight luminous objects formed an octagon in the sky. People stopped to look, raising their heads and looking at the bizarre spectacle in amazement.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)