Saturday, November 14, 2009

Spain: The Saucers of Yesteryear

Sauron, our "Man in Madrid", has reminded us in an e-mail today that the Castillo of San José de Valderas (Valderas Castle) is now the spanky new "Museo del Vidrio" (Glass Museum) of Alcorcón, one of Madrid's outlying suburbs.

The remodeled castle of the Lords of Valderas played a minor role -- or a major one, if you prefer -- in the 1967 series of UFO photographs taken by one "Antonio Pardo" as part of world-and-generations-spanning UMMO Hoax, which endures to this very day. The monochrome images show the structure and the relative position of the Ummite Saucer (or OAWOOLEA UEUA OEEMM, if alien grammar floats your boat)

Curious about the castle? Visit