Friday, November 27, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: "Mothership" Causes Blackout in Argentina

We have just received word from our colleagues Guillermo Gimenez and Luis Burgos that a UFO “Mothership” may be responsible for a blackout in the notorious hotspot city of Salta, in the Argentinean northwest. The story is developing, so we expect to post several updates today. This is the first item received by Inexplicata today.

Did a Mothership Cause a Major Blackout?
By Luis Burgos

The fact that my organization, FAO (Fundacion Argentina de Ovnilogia) can rely on the assistance of over a hundred people distributed across the country, whether as collaborators, consultants or correspondents, places us at a great advantage in securing instant UFO information. In earlier times, we would learn of cases by mail weeks later, or by phone when the service was operational. An example of this can be seen in the Province of Salta, where researcher and private pilot Tony Galvagno, known for spearheading investigations into the 1995 Salta UFO Crash, which prompted his small plane to plummet from the air [...]

This morning we received an urgent call from Tony, saying that the transit of a “flying cigar” overhead with flashing intermittent lights and a red beacon on its structure, had caused an enormous BLACKOUT in the town of Joaquin V. Gonzalez, where he lives, as well as in adjacent communities, some 20 minutes after having appeared. Practically the entire department of Anta had “collapsed” as far as its power grid was concerned. Dozens of residents reported seeing the UFO after 0100 hours today (Thursday, November 26) on a hot and stormy night. The final trajectory of this object was south-southwest, in other words toward El Tunal, some 35 kilometers from Joaquin V. Gonzalez and bordering the Pasaje Juramento River. As hours went by, Salta’s power company (ENDESA) could not find a cause for the blackout until the light returned around noon yesterday, but telephone service remained out of order. Early in the afternoon, a “burned-out turbine” was found at the El Tunal power station. In other words, along the UFOs heading.

In this state of affairs, and given the magnitude of the events, we made the pertinent contacts with [INEXPLICATA contributing editor] Guillermo Gimenez being among the first to learn of the situation. Phone calls were made to and from Salta, confirming the manifestation of a large UFO. The regional and national press was informed, and their morning editions have probably prepared new information as communications are reestablished. Certainly El Tribuno and Salta’s Diario Popular will carry the story.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU - special thanks to Luis Burgos, FAO)