Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Argentina: Spanish Tourists See UFO in Cachi

Source: El Tribuno and Planeta UFO
Date: December 30, 2009

Argentina: Spanish Tourists Witness UFO in Cachi

*** Tourists from Spain claim seeing luminous object crossing the valley ***
*** A growing number of foreign tourists have come looking for “CE-3” experiences ***

A group of Spanish and Argentinean tourists who chose the Valles Chalchaquíes to spend their holiday never imagined that they would spend one of their most startling moments in the lives in Cachi, as they became witnesses to two strange object s in the sky which they unhesitatingly classified as unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

Deborah Marcos Orellana, 27, Paloma Euguren Orellana,21, Maria Aya, 32 all hail from Ibiza, Spain. In the company of Jorge Domicheli, 27, Carlos Paz and Martin Minghetti, 28 of Buenos Aires, they spent Saturday morning surveying the idyllic Cachian landscape. Meanwhile, in the evening, they decided to tour the community, where they heard locals discussing certain strange events that occurred frequently in the area, such as UFO sightings.

Skeptical at first, but curious, they decided to set out at sunset together toward the mountains. “We were fascinated by the landscape, and upon seeing that it was a beautiful sunset, we decided to walk along the mountains not far from town, and wait for nightfall in that immensity that leads to self discovery,” said Deborah, who brought her ten-month-old son along for the experience.

They told El Tribuno “we built a fire and inevitably began scanning the skies, when Paloma, one of the tourists, advised us of the presence of a strange object moving in the sky. We tried to ascertain if it was an airplane or some sort of known craft, but the light’s intensity and strange oscillating movement discarded that theory altogether.”

The tourists recalled, “it was a somewhat cloudy night, but Jupiter and the Moon were visible in breaks. It was precisely between these two heavenly bodies that the luminous, flashing object went by, but not sufficiently so that we could capture it on our small domestic cameras. We started shouting with excitement, rubbed our eyes and couldn’t believe it. The object remained there for nearly a minute.”

A Second Sighting

“When we tried to recover from the impact, another vessel appear from the south and headed north, first slowly and then later, with astonishing speed, vanished into infinity,” explained Martin, still stunned by the strange event.

According to locals, events of this sort repeat frequently and turned the town in a choice sighting location for a growing number of tourists who come in from various parts of the world with the expectation of seeing, at least fleetingly, one of those strange objects in the sky. “There is much talk in Europe about the UFOs seen in Cachi. We were skeptical up to now, but we are returning home convinced that strange things happen there,” said Maria, who promises to return next year.

(Translation (c) 2009, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO and Daniel Diaz, El Tribuno)