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Argentina:Strange Lights Along the Chalchaquí River (2002)

Argentina: Strange Lights Along the Chalchaquí River (2002)
By Gaceta OVNI

[Guillermo Gimenez has kindly sent us this article by the GACETA OVNI research group describing the “unknown luminous phenomena” witnessed in this section of Argentina, which has recently re-emerged into world prominence due to the manifestations of the “Mothership”, as it has come to be known.]

An Interview With Silvia Aguirre, Schoolteacher, 25, on March 3, 2002

The witness lives to the south of Cachí, facing the riverbed of the Chalchaqui River, which forms a small fertile valley. From this position, Cerro Tin Tin and Los Colorados are clearly visible. At 10:35 p.m., or perhaps twenty to 11:00 p.m. Sylvia was in the back of her home in the area in question, and managed to see the light, which she describes as “bright but not shiny, dull yet powerful.” This particular definition of a light is a constant for a considerablepart of the luminous phenomena reported in the area. Some say it resembles a fistful of snow or cold light in an effort to describe the fact that it does not flash, does not emit beams and has no iridescence either. Rather, resembles an object that is lit by another light, slightly fluorescent and intense.

The light turned on and off intermittently, rather than iluminated in the manner of a constant beacon. It did this for at least 15 minutes without changing its apparent position. Aguirre is not the only witness to this: all her neighbors on the same street noticed the singular event and got together to exchange views.

The light vanished from sight: they wondered if it was possible that it could have hidden behind ravine, although they do not remember this as a a geographic point of reference. But a long time would elapse before the light suddenly reappeared at a greater distance. This judgment was made based on the object’s clarity.

At this point, the object -- according to their description-- begins to emit a powerful beam similar to that of a flashlight, directly at the onlookers faces.. Surprise became widespread; there was disquiet and mounting fear in the group, but they continued to observe due to the object's particular characteristics. In fact, the luminous body appeared to float, moving through the air at a distance shorter than the original one. It was not possible to determine its size as of yet – “whenever it is, it's something big.”

"The light remained there and solid floating on and on, and moving. At one time it split into. It was in the facing field by the foothills. After splitting in two, it rejoined to form a rhombus.

While it is always hard to do exactly describe the curiosities that are evident in case such as this, a survey finally defines the true nature and strangeness of the events. Similes represent logical efforts to define effects and images that cannot be readily. It is for this reason, that we make textual references to the witnesses description. This is not a matter of linguistic felicity, contrary to what may be supposed. In UFO cases, people begin to be more exact and correct then the field researchers based description.


It is not possible for the witness to determine when the split suddenly occurred. A second light appeared on the scene, having all the unexpected characteristics that are common to these events.

The lights were one on top of another. They were light yellow in color and triangular in shape. The shape is clearly made out as they started moving toward the river-it was there that they saw it firing red flashes. The six witnesses, including the main eyewitness, were startled by the display taking place before their eyes. Estimating distances and altitudes by references, the triangles were 30 m long, and their glow was intense, all the while maintaining the "opaque light" characteristic.

The objects moved from east to west, giving the impression that they were floating, not only because they were seen aloft, but also because they rose and descend slowly as they drifted toward the river. This was the witnesses' impression of the bodies headed toward them, and the main cause of their concern. Finally, were both triangles merged into a single figure to form a rhombus.

"It could be seen perfectly," Sylvia remarks. This must be the most impressive part of her sighting.

The reddish flashes increased, above but the object to display a peculiar characteristic: it not only floated as it moved, but its inner light appeared gelatinous.

This allusion describes the structure or composition of the rhomboidal mass. Inside it, the apparent matter was reminiscent of something flaccid, crossed by waves or ondulating slightly, much like a flag in the wind. This texture, more dynamic than rigid, did not change shape the external profile, the rhomboidal shape: it moved around inside it, much like a fish bowl that contains moving water. Or as Sylvia clearly explains, as slightly stirred gelatin.

It should be noted that the luminous objects hardly give the impression of being incorporeal sources of light, unless they have beams that make definition difficult. In the region of Cachi, many of the reported opaque bodies of light are similar to this case. Describing them as "lights" is only an approximate description of the phenomenon, regardless of the fact that they are associated with fire or lightning. There is no combustion involved, and even the effect of electric arc welding is an entirely unsuitable comparison, although a close one.

We had the chance to look at one of these objects through binoculars and the most appropriate to the definition to describe them was ice, or rather, like watching the moon glow on completely black background without being affected by its light. We are insisting on all manner of comparisons, because the definition of light in these cases can discard combustion, electric phenomena, or any other relation with natural phenomena. How can opaque light cast brightness like the sun without emitting beams?

The undefined light resembled a thick dynamic substance irradiating a powerful clarity that illuminates the surroundings. Following its trajectory, the witness indicated that the rhombus reaches fields adjacent to a river on the East. That is when it can be most clearly seen. Given their position, Sylvia can determine the relative length of the object, which exceeds the height of the canyon wall when it reaches River. This measurement is in excess of 50 m.

"Of course, it was very big, and it drew my attention. When it reaches those fields it was so clear and luminous that many people became afraid and ran back into their homes."

15 minutes elapsed during this process, from the second appearance until it assumed the shape of a rhombus and headed slowly north, moving diagonally along the river toward Barrio Lujan, although there is no certainty that it issued from the eastern edge of the Chalchaqui. In this slow process of departure, the object shortened the relative distance separating it from the witnesses: they saw a clear, elliptical reflection on the surface, as though the rhombus was projecting a beam of light downward. This is a reflection becomes more pronounced as the object vanishes over Barrio Lujan, and is still visible once the object has vanished from sight.

Fascinated, the witnesses tried to follow it with their eyes but the landscape conceals it definitely. They remain until 12:30 am waiting for something else to happen. The entire event lasted half an hour.

The remaining witnesses shared Sylvia’s impression: "It seemed to know where we were and that it was watching us. For that reason, we became frightened when it came toward us. "

This description is justified. From the bottom of the landscape, the object headed for the river, and was now facing the witnesses, who were the only ones to see the event, as there were no further references, despite the magnitude of this size and the circumstances. This is a common occurrence in such events.

But the place where it appeared is just as important: many geographic points are key, and previous events witnessed by Sylvia Aguirre confirm this.

"On that same day, right there-between Cerro Tin Tin and Los Colorados - I saw something like a tube fall to the ground. It was a green, phosphorescent thing that pierced the ground."

Describe the color.
Greenish blue.
Did you hear any sounds?
No, no, it came from above, although I noticed it late. I saw it vanishing below. It was in December, shortly before the holidays."

The observation lasted only a few moments, but she clearly recalls the object's considerable size and its light. It surprised her that it pierced the ground without making any sounds normally associated with a crash.

(Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO, and Gaceta OVNI)