Sunday, January 03, 2010

Cuba: A New Year's UFO Over Havana?

Every culture has its own customs for welcoming the new year, and a widespread Cuban custom consists of hurling a bucket of water out the door or window to wash away "negative influences" from the previous year. Was a UFO captured during one such activity?

Virgilio Sánchez-Ocejo of the Miami UFO Center has received word from Cuban ufologist Hugo Parrado Franco of an object videotaped by Yoani Sánchez as she endeavored "to record the last moon of 2009 and and the first sun of 2010, seen from my balcony, with a bucket of water included, so as to wash away all the evils that 2009 has brought us."

The round object, writes Sanchez-Ocejo, can be seen to the right of the Moon for a matter of seconds, as the camera zooms on the heavenly body.

The video can be seen at: