Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ecuador: UFOs or Balloons?

INEXPLICATA Contributing Editor Guillermo Gimenez is kicking off 2010 with his first UFO report, this time regarding the alleged presence of UFOs in Ecuador on January 02, 2010 at 13:00 hours. According to Ecuador's El Tiempo, the unexpected presence of luminous objects in the afternoon sky prompted people to take to the streets for a better look. Drivers pulled their vehicles over to see the unexplained aerial phenomena and engage fellow citizens in conversation.

One witness, Segundo Tapia, claimed having seen two lights flying from one direction to another in the blue sky, while another witness, Mariana Montenegro, described her own sighting as a "star with sharpened points". The newspaper adds that Millennialist comments were also made, citing Biblical passages, while others associated the sighting with the UFO phenomenon.

However, at 14:30, several balloons, possibly launched from the community of Azogues, honoring la Virgen de la Nube (Our Lady of the Cloud) were seen to lose altitude.