Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chile: UFOs Return to Tierra del Fuego

Source: NOUFA and Diario El Pinguino
Date: 01.16.10

Chile: UFOs Return to Tierra del Fuego

Due to the length of its national territory, Chile has areas where UFO case histories have an unbroken tradition. Some areas are often ignored due to their remoteness, including other debatable analytical factors.

In June 2009, ufologist Eugenio Bahamonde, a resident of Punta Arenas and with a wide background of UFO sightings and experiences in that region, was advised of a powerful flash seen in the night on a given weekend over the Darwin Range. The witnesses to this incident were attorney Juan Jose Arcos and cameraman Danilo Brescovic.

"We took photos of the objects because they were unusual, although we didn't associate them to anything out of the ordinary. But at night we saw a light to the right of the San Valentin airfield, which made any thoughts that it may land impossible." The witnesses made these statements to the local El Pinguino newspaper, which covered the story. Arcos added that the object changed colors from red to yellow and green. The sighting area is on the way to Almirantazgo Bay, which can be accessed by two roads: one that runs along the María Inlet, and the other being a coastal road that reaches the glaciers.

When researcher Bahamonde was consulted at the time, he told the newspaper that he was not surprised by these events, as there had been a notorious increase in such sightings in recent weeks (June 2009) and even stated that he had received a photo of circular impressions on the ground, which he attributed to an alleged "landing" of these lights.

Faced with the statements made by arctic researcher Eugenio Bahamonde, and the recent and continuous sightings luminous spheres and other "unidentified objects" in other parts of the country, and which extend to other nations as well, it can lead us to think that we are facing another cyclical "wave" occurring periodically and which should be subjected to more detailed analysis by the interested parties.

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Núñez and Diario El Pinguino