Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zone of Silence: Wish You Were Here

In May 2003, members of Mexico's now-defunct Fundación Cosmos A.C. journeyed from their base in the state of Nuevo León to Ceballos, Durango and its vicinity to conduct research within the Zone of Silence. As a souvenir of their visit, they shot a video highlighting some areas of interest.

Readers of INEXPLICATA will get a better feel for the area through these two minutes of footage than by viewing dozens of stills. Members of the Fundación Cosmos A. C.expedition to the Zona del Silencio, Mina la Ojuela en Mapimí Durango, Hacienda Divición del Norte, Chihuahua included: Ing. Alfonos Palomo M., David Marcos Marcos, Ing. Juna Pablo Mtz., Ing. René Longoria Loredo, and Ing. Marco A. Reynoso B.