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Argentina: The 1972 Tranqueras CE-3

Argentina: The 1972 Tranqueras Case
By Alicia Coscarella, Eduardo Irioni y Norma Pregliasco
Research conducted by CAEFA (Centro Argentino de Fenomenos Anómalos)

This case occurred on April 13, 1972.

Luis P. Lived in Buenos Aires and had to travel to Miramar, a beautiful beach community in Argentina, some 450 kilometers south of the capital city. He made the trip with his friend Rodolfo. It was a trip conducted on a regular basis, as he had an apartment at the resort community.

On Friday the 12th, Luis was anxious to get on the way, and after dinner, he stopped to pick up Rodolfo around midnight. The weather was calm and clear, with starry skies and very little wind. Their ultimate destination – Miramar – was a long drive away. They were driving a white Fiat 600, listening to good music, according to Luis, as the vehicle was equipped with a tape deck. They didn’t speak much on the journey, and the subjects were usually cars or motorcycles, since both experiencers were 17 and 18 years old respectively. They encountered very little traffic on Route 2 and stopped for fuel in Maipú before pushing ahead. Upon reaching Mar del Plata and the Bus Terminal, they stopped for breakfast around 5:00 a.m. and continued the journey between 5:20 and 5:30 a.m. approximately. These time references become necessary in the case’s subsequent analysis.

Underway once again, they followed the Mar del Plata coastal road. Luis recalls the noise of his tires against the pavement. On Route 11, past the Mar del Plata Lighthouse and in the Peralta Ramos Forest, they found the road was obstructed. It was still dark and they encountered a white sawhorse with a Detour
sign pointing right. When they turned, they saw it was a trail made with very large stones, but not one constructed by the highway authority. It was still dark and the experiencers found themselves in a sudden downpour, to the point that their windshield wipers couldn’t cope with the rain. They traveled some 30 or 40 meters and came to a closed gate; putting the car in reverse, they drove 80 meters only to find another gate; eventually they found another arrow and saw the landscape change consistency—soil and earth – as though it was the first time that someone had been through there.

At this point, Rodolfo became desperate. He shouted at Luis that he wanted to drive, which was odd, as he was a very poor driver. Luis agreed and they changed places. They retraced their steps back to the first detour sign. To their left they found the gate, but suddenly noticed a space in the middle of a field and drove through it. 10 or 20 meters later, they found themselves completely stopped on the highway, with Mar del Plata to their left and Miramar to their right.

It was no longer raining; they pulled over, swapped places again, and continued the journey toward Miramar. The time was now mid-morning. Upon reaching their destination, they parked and rang the concierge’s doorbell – a man named Tito – to let them in. Once in the apartment, both young men took a nap. They usually slept a few hours after a trip, but this time they felt exhausted. Much more than usual. They were awakened from their slumber by the sound of violent blows against the apartment door: the concierge and his family had come looking for them, as it turned out that the time was 10:00 a.m. – only it was Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.: Luis and his friend had slept approximately 24 hours, and the concierge’s concern was understandable.

After breakfast, they discussed the event but could not agree on the details, since Luis and Rodolfo believed that they had arrived at first light on Saturday while Tito assured them that they had in fact arrived at noon. When asked why their car was completely covered in mud, they told the concierge about the rainstorm that had engulfed their car. They were shocked to hear that it never rained at all – a fact corroborated by the arrival of Tito’s son from Mar del Plata, who had returned home the previous day.

Mystified, the young men tried to confirm the strange situation they were involved in. They borrowed Tito’s Peugeot 403 and drove to Mar del Plata, noting to their amazement that the roadway was normal, without any traces of water or signs of what they had experienced the night before.

Neither Luis nor Rodolfo ever discussed the matter again. In later years, Rodolfo moved to the United States, where he currently lives. Luis always found himself looking at the sky, after this experience.

Upon analyzing this event we find many unanswered questions. Luis wanted to go deeper into the matter and asked us to subject him to deep relaxation to release spontaneous recollections, and this indeed took place.

We know that memories always remain in the unconscious and are never forgotten. Luis claims that he felt cold as they drove by the gates, and this caused us to steer the investigation toward the source of the sensation that occurred when they reached the first gate. When he concentrated on it, he recalled that there was tall grass like wheat behind the gate; upon penetrating this grassland, he felt it to be soft and the cold very intense. He finally noticed something like a “giant top” suspended overhead, and two figures with human characteristics descended from it. The beings were average in height, wearing large protective helmets. Both figures were identical and their clothing was hard to describe. They stood some 15 meters from Luis and Rodolfo.

At no time did telepathic communication take place. Everything was done by gestures. Luis noticed that the stairway’s railing was very thin and porous to the touch, and that the steps were three: wide and flat, with aluminum colored anti-skid strips. The beings walked ahead and behind the two young men, introducing them into the “top” or what we could term a craft from this point onward. The interior of the craft contained a small chamber measuring some 3 meters, illuminated without any apparent source of light.

There was also a black “dentist’s chair” behind a column that led to a sort of “fireman’s pole” One part led upward and the chair was adhered to the pole. Luis was taken by the arm and gently seated on this surface. Rodolfo was taken elsewhere, to the left, which appeared to be the main part of the craft. Once seated, he was strapped with a belt that he described as similar to “those on a bumper car”

Everything felt very comfortable at all times. It felt “normal” to sit there at a ninety degree angle. He looked at the craft’s floor, describing it as resembling a “rabbit hutch” – all wires, side by side. He saw no windows, but noticed that the main door closed and many stainless steel handles were visible from within. Noticing the beings, he realized that their clothing resembled an image he found familiar: that of the Michelin Man, only the [segments of their suits] were thinner. The beings feet looked like those of a frog.

A “bubble” or “round fishbowl” was placed over Luis’s head. Everything inside turned to an orange fog, and total silence ensued. At that very moment, the door opened and Rodolfo appeared, led by the one of the beings, gesturing that he should leave. The being gestured to his counterpart to remove everything from Luis and that he should leave as well.

The outer door opened and the stairwell appeared. Luis slipped, feeling that the steps were wet. As far as he could tell, it was late in the morning. The craft vanished and all that was left was a deep silence. The experiencers boarded their car and could see the time was 10:20 a.m.

Luis explains that he felt great joy, perceiving the great purity of the beings, something that he couldn’t find in humans.

An uncomplicated, mannerly, kind an analytic gentleman, Luis graciously accepted to participate in the analysis of these events which he has kept to himself for many years. He never told anyone out of a fear of ridicule, but he knew that from that moment on, his life had changed in positive ways.

Now he knows what happened on April 13. Deep inside, he wants to see them again. His habit of looking at the sky ever since that day, has now acquired a lot more meaning.

Source: El Quinto Hombre magazine (Fabio Zerpa)

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)