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Argentina: A UFO Base in Sierra de los Padres?

Source: www.popularonline.com.ar (Diario Popular)
Date: 05.09.10

Argentina: A UFO Base in Sierra de los Padres?
By Sebastián Aranguren

“We are perhaps receiving evidence of a fourth dimension, and it’s necessary to sharpen our senses, especially when interaction with other intelligences is often telepathic,” said Marron.

A UFO researcher disclosed an impressive experience he had while conducting field research with a colleague. It has enabled him to infer the likelihood that Sierra de los Padres, barely 15 kilometers from Mar del Plata, may harbor “a nest of extraterrestrial craft” in the rocky heights, and that he was able to maintain “close interaction” experiences with their occupants.

Jorge Marron, a member of the CODIGO OVNI research group, explained that the manifestations occurring in that region cannot be framed within activities involving terrestrial technology and are, on the contrary, firmly linked to an alien presence.

However, the most shocking detail-- of many that emerged from last February’s sighting, witnessed by Marrón himself and researcher Graciela Donalisio – is the one that brought them face-to-face with to a “Close encounter of the 4th kind” with entities from outer space.

During an interview with Expedientes Secretos, Marrón described the main elements of research that is now being continued under laboratory conditions, carried out by the group he forms with Daniel Valverdi, scanning visual and sound files with the hope of delving into enigmatic electronic voice phenomena recordings. “CODIGO OVNI is open to science, and what we are after right now, before going any further, is to define the elements recovered from our field research in February,” Marrón explains, making reference to “timely sightings” at what he believes is “a nest or base” employed by extraterrestrials.

The researcher emphasized that the group has worked in the Sierra de los Padres area since 2005 when the so-called “Tapia Case” became known, involving a series of ground prints and markings that suggested strange visits, preceded by powerful light displays that terrified local residents during the night.

Sightings, according to Marrón, are common currency at Sierra de los Padres, day or night. This fact reinforces his hypothesis that the area serves “for the ascent and descent” of spacecraft that leave their visual or physical mark in the region.

This member of CODIGO OVNI believes “what matters is that this is occurring now” and while he delves into an analysis of the collected evidence – including some 500 photos taken by Ms. Donalisio – he vehemently denies the possibility that these startling manifestations are linked to “Nazi experiments from the 1940s or current tests by NASA”

From his perspective, the events he described are the results of elements that can travel “at the speed of light” and do so in such a fleeting manner that “when manifesting themselves, total silence engulfs the countryside, to the extent that neither frogs nor crickets can be heard. At first blush, this seems impossible.”

But what exactly did Marrón and Donalisio experience on the cool February night, standing in a soybean field and some 600 meters from the nearest foothills?

“Graciela asked me to look at the Southern Cross, which was just rising. When she marked the position with her fingertip – explains Marrón – a flash of light fired from the spot she had indicated.” According to the researcher, this event was a sign of interaction with other intelligences, which also occurs with lights that acquire a mobility that cannot be replicated by a heavenly body.”

A storm was brewing over the area at that time of night, but despite the constant lighting, no thunder could be heard at all. The most interesting was yet to come: “A magnitude one or two star attracted our attention at first, because it had changed position several times in less than five minutes.”

“Suddenly,” he continues, “a greenish light washed over us from the Sierra, and some 600 meters away. It vanished in a few instants. The mysterious star we were watching suddenly detached itself in a fraction of a second and once more, from the Sierra – but now diagonally – a phosphorescent green light as wide as two automobiles came within 30 meters of us.”

There was more to come. Marrón and Donalisio were already agitated by facing such an intense and unpredictable manifestation alone and in the dark. Its outcome was uncertain. Thus, two balls of light – one red, one white – descended from the Sierra to join the display.

Immediately, “a perfect phosphorescent circle, some 20 meters in diameter, lit up. It slid toward us for about ten seconds. We decided to get into our car and head toward another field,” explains Marrón.

When asked about the feelings they experienced, Marrón acknowledged that “the initial one was terror” and that in his case, the second consisted of “feeling pressure in my head and a sort of feverish state, while Graciela suffered a secondary reaction – she was disoriented for a few minutes, as though she’d lost her concept of space.”

The pair of researchers, however, still had one more incredible experience ahead. The car in which they left the soybean field was pursued and overtaken by a white light that lost itself in the mountain walls, bringing the mind-bending experience to a close.

“What exists in Sierra de los Padres could be a UFO base,” explains Marrón, adding: “In fact, they can be photographed during the day and seen at night, as occurred in our case.” The recordings made during the event also represented another valuable contribution. All of Marrón's and Donalisio’s experiences were captured on videotape, which upon being played back in Buenos Aires, allowed researchers to discover the presence of strange voices that filtered into the recordings.

These electronic voice recordings, as was said earlier, are the reason for the research currently being carried out by CODIGO OVNI in the hopes of deciphering what the human-sounding yet distorted voices are saying, and once this goal has been reached, to determine their origin.

The outcome of this adventure is defined in Marrón’s statement that the entire experience “adapts to a close interaction between the entities and the researchers, and what emerges from the Visitor’s message is that they are telling us that they are indeed here.”

Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Grupo G.A.B.I.E.