Saturday, August 07, 2010

Northwestern Argentina: Mercedes Casas

Mercedes Casas has been a valued correspondent for INEXPLICATA since the '90s, covering all manner of paranormal and UFO events in the Argentinean north and the Andean region in general. She provided us with the El Tribuno news report about the accidental shooting of an alleged Ucumar Zupai "cub" by ranchers living on the slopes of El Crestón.

"It's another bizarre case," she writes, "but some very unusual things have been taking place in this corner of my province. Metán is 38 kilometers distant from Rosario de la Frontera, which has become sadly known in recent times due to cases of teen suicide, and the case involving the local fire station, in which firefighters refuse to sleep due to the hauntings they're subjected to in the night.

"I'm sending along a photo of Cerro El Crestón, which is associated with all manner of legends, from the age of the Jesuit occupation on down. It is not a UFO case, but it's nonetheless very strange and deserving attention."