Thursday, August 19, 2010

Salvador Freixedo - Reflections on the State of Ufology (2001)

[While researching material for another article I came across an old series of reflections by Salvador Freixedo that appeared in the 11th issue of the old INEXPLICATA journal. I thought to share these with you again, nine years after they first appeared. It is my belief that his conclusions have withstood the test of time--SC]

Reflections on the Current State of Ufology--May 2001
by Salvador Freixedo

- There are extra-human, intelligent (non-corporeal?) beings on our planet.

- For those without prejudice, the increasingly greater presence of UFOS in our skies and the mysterious and marvelous crop circles seen in so many countries are proof of this.

- We must put aside being surprised at their incomprehensible behavior.

- The presentation of new cases contributes to a fuller understanding, but it is of secondary importance. The phenomenon must today be considered from a sociological and psychological standpoint, related with the evolution of the human race.

- It is logical to lack a thorough understanding of them, since they hail from another dimension or plane of existence (in the same way that animals are only able to comprehend some of our actions).

- They have been on this world for millions of years, and have been here before we appeared.

- There exists the impression that some of them are arriving from beyond the planet.

- The reason they have not openly presented themselves is that they prefer to keep us believing that we own this planet and act with complete freedom. Along these lines, the reader shall discover other reasons for their secrecy.

- As is the case with humans, there are some among these beings who are evolved and beneficial to mankind, while there are other who are malevolent and only want to use us or toy with us.

- They make use of us in different ways (just like humans make use of animals in different ways) and we are unaware of being used.

- It would seem that they employ the subtle energy produced by our brain and our psyche as a whole (emotions, fears, hatred, pain, joy).

- It would seem that the presence of malevolent ones is felt with greater strength than that of the good ones. The latter appear to obey some cosmic law which consists of non-interference. The former do not abide by this law and their presence among us is much greater and noticeable.

- It is a great mistake to believe that since they are more technically advanced than we (to judge by the devices they use to move through our atmosphere) that they are also ethically evolved. Their actions tell us that this is not the case, although it may be thet their ethics are different from our own.

- Their means of traveling the Cosmos transcends our knowledge and the laws of physics, as noted by great physicists and mathematicians (i.e., Fred Hoyle and Perkins), and as the aliens themselves have said on many occasions. The "dogma" of nothing being able to exceed the speed of light is false, as accepted by experimental physicists.

- These superhuman intelligences created the different races of Man throughout the millennia using apes as stock (Curiously, DNA tests have shown that none of the current human races has any connection to the Neanderthal man). To judge by abundant fossil remains, our planet has been the home of many different human races (some of them giants) who have existed and vanished over the course of many millions of years, contrary to the beliefs stated by archaeologists and paleontologists.

- The intelligent non-human creatures among us are very diverse and have diverse origins. While some appear to hail from physical worlds similar to our own, others appear to come from other dimensions or planes of existence which are hard to locate in a physical realm, and very hard to envision in our minds, which are locked in a three-dimensional world. Nonetheless, these beings, while in our world, act according to our physical laws.

- Their purposes are also different and we are aware of rivalries and struggles among them.

- Some of these beings have the capacity to adopt completely human shapes, which enable them to live with us without being detected.

- Human religions have been invented by these beings as a strategy to control our minds. To implement them throughout the millennia, they have made use of humans who have been trained in a special way (Of course, I'm referring to the founders of all the great religions).

- All religions serve a specific purpose of the non-humans, although humans do not exactly know what this purpose may be. It probably has to do with the mental, emotional and social climate generated by each religion in the long run.

- The authentic miracles which come about in all religions are directly or indirectly the work of these beings and are aimed at binding the minds of the faithful.

- These non-human intelligences shave the capacity to influence the human mind at will. They normally do not do so individually, but have done it on a collective scale, influencing the course of human history. To do this, they have availed themselves of the leaders of many nations, who have unconsciously followed their indications. In many cases, these beings (often taken for gods) indicated their will through dreams, apparitions, inspirations or by using soothsayers and diviners who were consulted by kings and leaders.

- However, there is also the direct and individual influence of these beings on humans. In ufology, these individuals are known as "contactees". There are hundreds of thousands of them in all continents and social levels, although the majority of them keep it secret out of a fear of being considered insane. Some--the minority--have benefitted from contact. However, most of them have been negatively affected and their minds have been left disarrayed and confused. The fact is that the majority of these beings have a tendency to lie and toy with the contactee. We are to them what animals are to us: we love or hate animals, we can benefit them or hunt them down, but in the end, we always make use of them.

- Contact may be purely mental (as the contactee hears a voice within his head) or visual (apparently physical), as the contactee sees the object or the person communicating with him.

- The content of the message received by the contactee terms to be eschatological or cosmogonical in nature, heralding major changes and catastrophes due to the abuses we are inflicting upon the planet, or regarding the history of the Earth and the solar system. The being may present itself as a deity or higher being who urges the contactee to disclose the news and converts the site into a place of pilgrimage or worship where the masses may gather. These messages tend to combine some truths with many untruths.

- These beings, much like their vehicles, are normally invisible to the human eye, although they may become visible at will. On many occasions only small groups of people have seen them, but photo cameras, radar and underwater sonar have captured them an infinite number of times. In recent years there have been waves of UFOs seen by thousands of people (for example, in Mexico, Peru, Chile and Belgium) and in the 1950's, they were seen for an entire week over the U.S. Capitol. There are thousands of photographs and videos of these objects.

- The world's powers are not only in contact with one group or another of these beings, but have been collaborating with them for some fifty years on largely military projects involving a mechanical, psychic and biological technology completely unknown to the official scientific community. Some of these technologies were deployed during the Gulf War.

- The Great Powers deny such contact exists and have expended huge sums of money to keep humankind from knowing this. In their zeal to achieve this, they have bypassed constitutions and legal codes. But there is an infinity of proof to the contrary. The mass media has been bought off, deceived or gagged to keep the truth from being known. One of the most common ways to keep the masses from finding this out is to ridicule researchers, making them seem insane or anti-scientific, but on many occasions they have gone as far as to kill scientists and important persons who might divulge the truth.

- The SETI project, as well as Project Blue Book, the Condon, Robertson, and Sturrock Reports, and various Air Force statements are deceits perpetrated by the U.S. authorities to make people believe that serious study is being conducted on the subject.

- At this time, ufology's main task should be try to find to what extent the secret masters of the planet (among which the military is prevalent and not necessarily those who appear in the newspapers) are conniving with these alien intelligences and what are their ultimate aims.

- These great world leaders are contactee in their own way, and it is likely that they are being deceived like the majority of normal contactee. In this case, humanity is being led to the edge of a precipice.

- To judge by the enormous environmental deterioration (which has become a manifest change in the world's climate) and the state of social, mental and spiritual agitation throughout the planet, one cannot help but believe that we are being led to global catastrophe.

- There is the impression that ideologies, customs, technologies, amusements and economic systems which are suicidal to humanity are being imposed on us through the mass media, mainly television. World leaders, who are largely dishonest, corrupt and addicted to power, are blind to the serious problems facing humanity and are clumsily and unconsciously following the orders of something that wants to destroy humanity or enslave it.

- The majority of ufologists are upset that the great powers will not admit to the presence of these beings among us, while others believe that the time is approaching when they will have no choice but to make such an admission. But I wonder: when they speak to us, will they tell us the whole truth? And what will we do when they say it? Will we then become concerned over what the intentions of these cosmic beings or visitors may be?

- If they are among us, if they are more intelligent than us, and if they have spent so much time among us, it is only logical to believe that we have been manipulated and still manipulate us in some way, just as more evolved humans have manipulated and used less-evolved cultures in a thousand ways). Therefore, wouldn't it be convenient to start to find out what their intentions are, to channel them to our benefit or to defend against them should they prove harmful? I think that this is more important than presenting new cases, remain startled by their erratic behavior or express our discontent at officialdom's silence.

- If humanity finally becomes aware that it has been deceived and used for millennia, would this not be a great piece of news to stir us up and make us forsake false values we have hitherto considered basic or sacred (nations, races, religions, languages) but which in the long run have only promotes war, injustice and divisions, and began to change the horrors of human history into a more rational and just one? Have these "sacred values" been a ploy by these intelligences to keep us distracted and not realizing that we are slaves?

What is the ultimate purpose of these non-human intelligences? Discovering it should be ufology's avowed task. Are they invading us in some way, although we are unaware of it?