Thursday, August 12, 2010

Argentina: The Haunted Firehouse

Source: El Tribuno de Salta (Argentina)
Date: June 22, 2010-08-12

[Correspondent Mercedes Casas alluded to this incident in her communication regarding the Ucumar Zupai – northwestern Argentina is rich in paranormal and UFO cases, and this is a very intriguing one – SC]

Argentina: The Haunted Firehouse
By Matias Interior (newsroom)

José Alvarez, the head of the Rosario de la Frontera fire station, discussed the paranormal events that he and his collegues have felt in the firehouse, stating that despite the fact that experts attribute it all to hallucinations produced by acute stress, there is a poltergeist to blame.

Alvarez asserted that the excess stress suffered by the firefighters brings about these phenomena, ranging from [the sensation] of breathing on their necks or invisible blows to their backs.

Rosario de la Frontera has undergone moments of concern and tension since a number of young people began to die.

Strange voices, nocturnal sounds, objects in disarray, and even ghostly images emerging from a mound of sand, vanishing when they drift into a room, form part of a series of paranormal phenomena being reported.

The victims were the elements of the Fire Station in the locality of San Pedro. These events resulted in the intervention of the police force’s chaplain to provide “spiritual assistance”

Firemen met with chaplain Victor Acchura last Wednesday to apprise him of their strange situation, but decided to refrain from speaking to press, fearing that their version of events may not be taken seriously.

However, the affected parties have discussed the episodes that have affected some of the staff. It was learned that the majority of the paranormal phenomena take place at night, when only two firefighters are on duty. On some instances, it was learned, one of them got to hear a strange voice speaking his name and last name from the back of the station.

On repeated occasions, articles of clothing were found scattered around the floor, when only moments earlier they had been neatly stowed.

A short time ago, the firemen had clearly seen a person emerging out of a pile of sand in the backlot of the firehouse, and which later entered one of the rooms.

“When we went to look, there was absolutely no one. We thought it was the municipal employee that sweeps the streets, and puts away his little cart in the back, but he arrived two hours later. That’s when we realized that something strange was going on,” said one source.

Chaplain Acchura stated that the reason for his presence at the station was basically due to the duty of providing “spiritual support”

“Anomalies are a reality that are always present, perhaps the result of a constant reality, not only at the personal or group level, as in the case of the firefighters, but in all human realities,” explained the chaplain.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Mercedes Casas)