Monday, August 30, 2010

Spain: An Interview with J.J. Benítez

Source: EFE News Agency
Date: 29 August 2010
Reported by: Alfredo Valenzuela (Seville, Spain)

Spain: An Interview with J.J. Benítez. “UFOs Exist and There’s Proof by the Millions”

J.J. Benítez, a scholar of the UFO phenomenon and the life of Jesus of Nazareth, author of best sellers such as “Caballo de Troya” is the source of the phrase “If you knew the truth, you wouldn’t believe me” and having ties to Andalusia since childhood, he has now settled near Seville.

What led you to move to Andalusia?

An old dream. My father and a considerable part of my family come from Barbate. I would spend summers in Barbate. A very happy time. That’s why I wanted to retire to these lands. Dreams almost always come true.
And why did you buy a house so close to Seville?>
A twist of fate.
Are the skies of Seville conducive to UFOs?
As far as I know, as good as the rest.
Do you still leave a red rose at the feet of the Cristo del Amor in Seville?
It’s been a long time since I’ve come by El Salvador. Before, in fact, I would leave a rose at the feet of the statue of the Cristo del Amor, but it was always a white rose. I’m still indebted to Him. I would leave the white rose out of sheer love.
The former director of the Seville Archaeological Museum recalls that it was you who penned the “false” report of the mutilation of Roman statues in the museum. What was that all about?
One day, in the company of photographer Alberto Schommer, we learned that Cardinal Segura had castrated the Roman statues in the Seville Archaeological Museum. And Schommer photographed the Cardinal’s “doings”. We published it in El Pais later on. What’s incredible is that the marble penises remain in a box at the museum. Labeled, of course.
What’s the worst trick that’s ever been played on you?
No one tricks anyone. It’s all written.
So no one has managed to fool you at times?
Some have, of course. It’s all part of the game.
Are you unable to tell a lie, or can you lie like most people?
I find it hard to lie. I suppose it’s readily apparent.
Did you try Ayahuasca?
I tried it once. I had several astonishing experiences but I won’t try it again. It is the most potent of alkaloids. You can fly like Superman, walk through walls or see the future.
Is it harder to believe in God or space aliens?
Much harder. The aliens are there. They’re detected on radars, they’re photographed and much more. It’s possible to feel God, but that’s it.
Do you believe in miracles?
I don’t think God tampers with the natural order of things. It’s an entirely different matter that we cannot understand how to turn water into wine. Future science is magic to us, but it will still be science.
You [celebrate Christmas] on August 21. Why?
I observe Christmas on August 21st for 27 years now. I understand that it was Jesus of Nazareth’s date of birth. The Church manipulated the subject to suit its interests. In December, the weather in the hills of Bethlehem is so extreme that no shepherd leads his flock there.
Your friend Ignacio Darnaude stated that he’d been phoned by extraterrestrials. How close have they come to you?
I had a close encounter at around five or six in the mountains of Navarre. I’ve seen craft on other missions.
Do UFOs sell as well as they did before?
When a new UFO flap is recorded, and it will happen, the media will take an interest in the subject once again.
Why does everyone believe in penicillin and not in UFOs?
It’s a matter of being informed. One doesn’t believe or disbelieve UFOs. UFOs exist. There’s proof by the millions.
Have you ever had a book rejected by not being commercially viable?
Yes, once. It was called “Caballo de Troya”. The editor wanted me to cut 400 pages. I refused, of course.
Will you ever publish your poetry?
I hope never. Poetry is part of a human being’s intimacy.
Did you leave journalism out of futility?
No, I left journalism because it’s not possible to shoot two bows at once. I was either a journalist or a UFO researcher and writer. I opted for the latter. But I still see life as a journalist would. In fact, being a journalist has been useful when it came to writing one hundred and fifty books.
A few years ago, your death was falsely reported. Who did it and why?
People tend to kill me off on the Internet every so often. You’re referring to the story that appeared in “El Pais”. The responsible parties were members of a cult.

(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to J.M. García Bautista)