Monday, December 13, 2010

Argentina: Odd Creature Seen in Entre Rios

Source:Diario Victoria (Argentina)
Date: 12.12.10

Argentina: UFO Sightins Ongoing; Odd Creature Reported

During the course of this week, numerous persons claimed having seen lights in the night skies and unidentified flying objects overhead in broad daylight. The most intriguing fact, however, is the story told by an inspector for the municipal natural resources office, who encountered a strange creature on the premises of the municipal parking lot.

In recent weeks, the department of Victoria has become an unprecedented area for sightings. On a daily basis, residents from various points of the communal lands and the rural areas have described how and why they saw an intense light in the sky, or objects that suddenly vanish as though by magic.

In many of these sightings, people have managed to use their cellphones to take photos. But on Wednesday, the repercussions of these unidentified flying object sightings were minimized by public opinion when an employee of the office of municipal natural resources claimed having seen a strange creature behind the campgrounds as he conducted a routine drive-around.

Faced with this, UFO researcher Silvia PĂ©rez Simondini, startled by the news, stated: "If something was missing in Victoria, it was something that all researchers dream about, and it has just occurred. One always thinks that these things happen to others, in other countries, and that we will never have the possibility of encountering something like what just happened. Now our work is redoubled - we not only have to chase after the lights, appear in this locality year after year. Now we're faced with another type of research."

"On 10 December 2010, while listening to the Caminando program (102.1 FM) I heard my name being mentioned, and they were calling me about something very strange that was taking place. I went to the station immediately, in the understanding that it was just that important. Upon arriving at the station, they told me the story quickly, adding that the percipient was not only credible - he was frightened and wanted to tell me what occurred on the evening of Wednesday, December 8."

"They showed me a drawing made by the father (an excellent illustrator) and I was astoudned, since it is the same figure that is currently been seen in many countries. They gave me his phone number to arrange an interview. I visited at 16:30 hrs. and he told me his experience. He only asked me not to show his face, since he is a natural resources inspector. Could I photograph him from the back, he asked, and he would tell me everything. And so we did. And you can hear his story. There is a small mistake - I say its the sixteenth, and it was in fact the tenth of December. I am clarifying this to avoid confusion."

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(Translation (c) 2010, S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)