Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Puerto Rico: Guánica Mayor Concerned Over Gargoyle Hunt

Source: El Vocero (newspaper)
Date: 12.06.10

Puerto Rico: Guanica Mayor Concerned Over “Gargoyle Hunt”

Martin Vargas Morales, the mayor of Guánica, asked the general population to remain calm and cautious, while at the same time making [UFO contactee] Reinaldo Rios and Canovanas Mayor José “Chemo” Soto responsible for any accident or mishap that may occur on the premises of the old sugar mill during the “gargoyle watch” convened for this evening.

“The site is very dark and is a structure in ruins from which pieces are braking off daily. Neither Rios nor Soto will be able to halt the flow of persons to the interior of the facilities and I fear that an accident may occur, given that the there are easy points of access that cannot be controlled. It’s an irresponsible act by both of them,” said the Mayor in a written statement.

The municipal leader highlighted that there are persons seeking headlines and benefits from exposure in the communications media. “Allegations by people who have supposedly seen strange things in the old mill are taken seriously, but they must be clarified responsibly without creating spectacles that endanger the lives of persons whose curiosity may lead them to the site,” he stated.

A Gargoyle in Puerto Ensenada

Mayor Martin Vargas Morales further noted that he found the subject of alleged apparitions in the sugar mill curious, as they have occurred after the Planning Board approved the Puerto Ensenada project.

“There are people who have stated their reservations about the project. Others know that construction of Puerto Ensenada represents a giant step for our administration, and would not like to see it carried out, with the economic benefits that its construction and operation would bring, creating over 12,000 jobs,” notes Martin Vargas.

Vargas says that project investors are on the planning board and are very interested in transferring their capital to Guánica. “The actions of these two characters will not cause the developers to waver. They will not deteriorate the image of that historic location. The project is a reality that will benefit thousands of families, not only in Guánica but in the entire area.”

(Translation (c) 2010 S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Luiseppi Quiñones)