Saturday, January 29, 2011

Argentina: A Swimming Pool Drained Dry

It never fails. The minute we went to print with article on "the missing water enigma", the water thieves struck again in Argentina. Synchronicity? Perhaps. But the story of the latest event is best told by UFO photographer and researcher Martha Nuñez in her own article for the "Estás en Posse" website .

Argentina: Swimming Pool Drained Dry in Justiniano Posse
By Martha Núñez

Residents of Justiniano Posse are dumbfounded by the report that a swimming pool was found dry in less than a day.

This was the case involving Lilo Garcia, owner of the Hotel Maykel, who informed local media of what happened in this back yard.

"When Lucio Ciotti when to clean the pool, he found there was no water. He called me and said: What did you do? There's no water in the pool!" I replied: "Yeah, right - there's no water." He said: "No, no, come on over" and well, I went was dry! There wasn't a drop of water. You could look around and there was no water. I don't understand, because when we drain the pool to clean it, such an amount of water takes a day and a half to drain. We flood the patio and the water runs down the street all the way down to the canal. But this time there was nothing! Not a single drop of water anywhere around."

Lucio Ciotti, responsible for the pool's maintenance, inspected it, swept it and ascertained that it wasn't split, and there were no cracks.

We're talking about a 60,000 liter swimming pool, relieved of water from one day to the next. Filling it requires six trucks, so anyone stealing the water would need at least 5 trucks, and would take at half a day to do the job, as a minimum, since there was no water splashed outside the pool. No trace of moisture whatsoever.

"If they'd dumped it on the patio or anywhere nearby, there would be a pond! I don't understand. The pool was dry enough to paint it. We laughed with Lucio and couldn't understand what was happening," Lilo remarked.

García says that the pool has no cracks, as he has filled it once more and the water has not leaked away. "I have no opinion! This is a mystery for history to resolve," says the owner of the Hotel Maykel.

Believe it or not, the 60,000 liters are gone, nobody saw anything, the patio is dry and there is no sign of trucks circulating anywhere in the vicinity.

So...who took the water?